Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust’s Centre for Laboratory Medicine has officially been opened by the minister of state for health and secondary care, Will Quince

While the Passivhaus standard is mostly used for housing, it is gradually gaining attention in the healthcare sector, with the first NHS building to achieve the energy-saving standard now open

Adrian Powell, Development and Planning Director at NHS Property Services, shares further insight around the organisation’s latest development in Whitechapel

Managing the NHS estate to drive value for communities

Mark Smith explains how the NHS can maximise efficiencies, meet new cost savings targets and drive value for patients and communities

Photo Credit: Premier Modular – King’s College Hospital, London

The MPBA's Richard Hipkiss discusses how volumetric manufactured buildings are meeting the needs of the health sector

A fit-for-purpose health estate now and in the future

Martin Steele explains the lessons learnt that will help NHSPS improve the health estate and ensure it continues to be fit for patients now and into the future

Tackling the NHS’ environmental impact through the NHS estate

Cameron Hawkins, head of Energy and Environment at NHS Property Services, explains how the NHS remains a core pillar in the UK’s net zero strategy

Providing a rapid and agile construction solution

Jackie Maginnis discusses how Modern Methods of Construction are responding to help provide a rapid and agile solution

Using the NHS estate to improve patient care

Martin Steele, CEO of NHS Property Services, discusses the importance of estates professionals in the healthcare sector

The pay-as-you-go rental service for NHS spaces

Christopher King, Principal Strategic Asset Manager at NHSPS, explores the NHS Open Space scheme's successes and hopes for the future

There is a significant need for new hospitals

A strong and robust programme is required to ensure the delivery of the planned 40 new hospitals this decade, writes PA Consulting

The successes and learnings as CFO of NHSPS

Mark Smith speaks about his time in NHS Property Services and the changes that have helped to save the NHS £48 million this year

Time to seize  the economic potential of the HIP

Christian Norris and Louise Northrop discuss the scale of the Health Infrastructure Plan’s economic benefit and the need for further acceleration

Meeting the ever-changing and urgent demand for space

Simon Taylor discusses how the NHS and wider healthcare system will need to optimise its facilities post-coronavirus

Portable building companies supporting the health sector

The MPBA's Jackie Maginnis describes how her members are supporting NHS trusts and healthcare providers to increase capacity amid Covid-19


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