Hospitals are struggling with high patient demand and a severe lack of bed space. The MPBA’s Jackie Maginnis examines how the modular and portable building industry can help the situation

€Many hospitals are turning to the modular building industry for a fast and cost effective way of gaining much needed hospital space, reports Jackie Maginnis from the MPBA

Susan Francis and James Chapman of the Design council’s Cabe Team explain how high-quality care environments can be delivered with tight budgets through expertise and leadership

Aggression towards staff poses a significant problem in A&E. Catherine Pratt of the Design Council outlines a recent project which used design solutions to make A&E departments calmer and safer for patients and staff

Early intervention is currently being praised as a key method in encouraging healthier lifestyles among children and their parents.

As part of a comprehensive re-think, new hospital patient bedside space designs are now available to the market as a result of a national design challenge

A new health centre will transform healthcare provision in Kirkby, providing one dental and two GP practices, midwifery clinics, mental health services and much more in an energy efficient building

Given the critical nature of healthcare, being able to add a modular building without the day-to-day disruption of onsite construction is a great benefit, writes Jackie Maginnis of the MPBA

Today’s modular buildings are made of the highest specification materials that comply with new building regulations, writes Jackie Maginnis, chief executive of the Modular & Portable Building Association

Less disruption, faster, cleaner – modular construction has many benefits that are not associated with traditional building techniques, writes Jackie Maginnis, chief executive of the MPBA

BEST – Built Environment Solutions & Technologies – is the new built environment exhibition where innovative products offer practical solutions to real challenges.

The new-build Malvern Community Hospital will use advanced renewable and energy efficient technologies to make it one of the greenest hospitals in the country

The construction industry, the UK’s largest employer, has long been perceived as a health and safety wasteland. But all of that is changing, according to Neil Edwards, chief executive of trade association The Builders’ Conference.

Today's modular and portable buildings are as good as their traditional counterparts, argues Jackie Maginnis, of the MPBA

Now in its 11th year, HEFMA 08 brings together hundreds of EFM executives and suppliers across the UK to network and do business


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