Health information is some of the most sensitive data there is and all those who handle it have a legal duty to ensure that patient confidentiality is maintained at all times. This means that even when medical records are no longer needed, they must be disposed of in a safe and secure way

Why GDPR and NHS data management

In light of recent NHS data breaches, Steve Mellings, founder of the Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance and DP Governance Limited, looks at the importance of data protection

Healthy data protection habits

James Kelly, chief executive of the British Security Industry Association, discusses the importance of secure data destruction for health sector organisations to comply with the Data Protection Act’s Seventh Principle

Getting a  better handle on NHS data

Health Business’ Ben Plummer discusses how better utilisation of data can improve the delivery of care and support efficiency savings across the NHS.

Is the NHS reaching the peak of its data mountain?

Health Business investigates how successful the NHS has been amid the growing volumes of content and the ongoing push for paperless hospital environments.

Anthony Pearlgood, chairman of the BSIA Information Destruction section, looks at the challenges faced by the health sector in securing sensitive information

Russell Harris, chairman of the Information Destruction Section at the British Security Industry Association suggests some simple ways in which data destruction in healthcare can be improved

The safe disposal of sensitive data has never been more urgent, writes Russell Harris, BSIA Information Destruction Section Chairman

Doug Miles, managing director, AIIM Europe, discusses how patient records and hospital documents best should be stored

Cimtech discusses the changing nature of records in the NHS – from paper mountain to ‘data mountain’

As traditional forms-processing duties go electronic, bigger threats are appearing in the field of data management. How can NHS organisations avoid the pitfalls and embark on a journey towards successful records keeping?

As traditional forms-processing duties go electronic, bigger threats are appearing in the field of data management. How can NHS organisations avoid the pitfalls?

Cure your information management issues at Documation UK

Disposing of confidential information securely under the Data Protection Act, and in line with British Standards, is as important as ever

What is Health Informatics? We take a look at the past, the present and immediate future; and the changes that informatics have made or hope to make


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