Richard Hipkiss of the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA) outlines some of the steps managers can take to maintain high energy efficiency levels in the health service

Government-funded schemes across the country are taking place to demonstrate how the NHS can power its hospitals more efficiently, save on energy bills, and reduce its carbon emissions

Barts Health NHS Trust put the desire to improve the patient experience at the forefront of the agenda when devising its energy efficiency campaign, finds Chris Large from Global Action Plan

Will keeping the patient at the forefront of the agenda when devising an energy efficiency campaign improve its chances of success? Chris Large, partner at Global Action Plan,
uses a pilot project at Barts Health NHS Trust to demonstrate that it can

‘NHS Hospitals and the Energy Hike’ looks at the impact of energy inflation on NHS Hospitals and outlines some of the steps to address and combat energy inflation over the next decade

Regardless of how well medical budgets are protected there will certainly be a re-assessment of policy following this prolonged cold spell, writes Richard Hipkiss, chairman of the ESTA

While GP surgeries and dental practices may not have large operating costs, they still have opportunities to make energy savings, as Alan Aldridge from ESTA explains

After upgrading its standby generators and installing smart metering at the Lister Hospital, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust can now capitalise on demand response

With huge efficiency savings expected from the health sector over the coming years, all opportunities for improvement need to be systematically assessed. Savings can almost always be made through greater energy efficiency, even where programmes are already in place, argues Alan Aldridge, executive director of the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA).

The NHS generates a massive 21 million tonnes of carbon per year and is faced with challenging reduction targets.

Alan Aldridge, executive director of the Energy Services and Technology Association, discusses the substantial financial rewards from implementing energy efficiency measures

How many healthcare organisations realise that ROIs of more than 30 per cent are available from energy efficiency programmes? Alan Aldridge from ESTA investigates

Simon Rigby, director of Clinical Support at Musgrove Park Hospital, explains a new project set to reduce energy consumption by more than 40 per cent and generate savings of £17m

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme was the last government’s flagship scheme to get large energy users to cut energy usage. But what are the latest proposals from the coalition government?

A growing number of NHS Trusts are turning to new innovative solutions like voltage optimisation to reduce energy consumption


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