How many healthcare organisations realise that ROIs of more than 30 per cent are available from energy efficiency programmes? Alan Aldridge from ESTA investigates

Simon Rigby, director of Clinical Support at Musgrove Park Hospital, explains a new project set to reduce energy consumption by more than 40 per cent and generate savings of £17m

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme was the last government’s flagship scheme to get large energy users to cut energy usage. But what are the latest proposals from the coalition government?

A growing number of NHS Trusts are turning to new innovative solutions like voltage optimisation to reduce energy consumption

In the wake of a flurry of announcements from government, Alan Aldridge, executive director of ESTA, asks what impact they may have on energy management in the health sector

Emissions have been rising and the budgets to tackle this are increasingly constrained. Yet it is possible to change this trajectory, argues Alan Aldridge, executive director of ESTA

The St. Peter’s Primary Health Care Centre, located in Burnley, Lancashire, is a great example of how a healthcare provider can make significant CO2 and cost savings

Richard Rugg, head of Public Sector at the Carbon Trust, makes the case for healthcare organisations to stay focused on carbon management as a way to cut costs and make efficiencies

Alan Aldridge, executive director of the Energy Services and Technology Association, outlines some of the opportunities and challenges outlined in the comprehensive spending review

NHS trusts, hospitals and surgeries are using 10:10 campaign to engage staff and adopt an ambitious, yet achievable target for emissions reductions

Money is tight – and will get tighter – that has been made very clear. But there are still opportunities to reduce energy consumption while meeting regulatory compliance targets, as Alan Aldridge of ESTA explains

Approaching the first deadline under the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme, health sector organisations must ensure they have robust strategies in place to minimise costs and optimise benefits, says Alan Aldridge, ESTA

The London Development Agency aims to cut carbon dioxide emissions from London’s buildings

Tony Grayling, head of Climate Change & Sustainability at the Environment Agency, explains why the new CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme must be embraced by both the public and private healthcare providers

Many companies have been investing in AMR and smart meters as a result of the benefits that it can bring to organisations seeking to control their energy consumption or the reduction in estimated energy bills


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