With only six months to go until the Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) gets underway, how can the Carbon Trust Standard help businesses rise up the rankings and cut the costs of compliance?

Achieving DoH consumption targets does not mean that energy and carbon cannot be reduced further

How healthcare organisations can prepare for the government’s Carbon Reduction Commitment

Alan Aldridge, executive director of the Energy Services & Technology Association, explains how the health sector can reduce greenhouse gas

Despite the economic difficulties, which we are all currently facing, the UK government remains committed to and indeed is in the process of increasing its self-imposed targets in the area of carbon reduction

A new government initiative will require health establishments to take concrete steps to reduce the carbon emissions causing climate change as Alan Aldridge, executive director of ESTA explains

Now in its third phase, the NHS Carbon Management programme is successfully helping NHS Trusts to take control of their carbon footprint

The NHS produces three per cent of England's carbon dioxide emissions. A new strategy will change this

Effective energy management is increasingly becoming a priority within the healthcare sector where energy levels can be high

The NHS is under pressure to cut 15 per cent off its carbon emissions by 2010, making saving energy a top priority

The introduction of energy performance certificates later this year will provide health sector organisations with a way of saving energy, cutting greenhouse gas emissions and saving money. But work needs to be done now to take full advantage

In today's climate of growing environmental awareness and rising energy prices, saving energy is more important than ever

Chris Davies is the energy officer at Gwent Healthcare NHS Trust and graduated earlier this year with the EI’s Diploma in Energy Management and Utilisation. Chris says: “The healthcare industry is all about saving lives; in fact saving lives is the raison d’etre of the NHS. Yet in a 21st century of global warming, peak oil and spiralling fuel costs, it must now also concern itself with saving energy.

Faced with high energy prices and the challenge of tackling climate change, every organisation in the UK must make long-term strategic decisions about energy supply.

The Ground Source Heat Pump Association is developing the industry and the UK market is growing rapidly, with installations increasing by more than 60 per cent each year. Karl Drage explains why


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