Helen Hewitt, CEO of the British Woodworking Federation (BWF) explains best practice for fire doors in public sector buildings including healthcare settings

Will Lloyd, technical manager at the Fire Industry Association discusses the importance of fire safety in hospitals

NHS buildings need comply with two pieces of legislation - the Building Safety and Fire Safety Acts - which meet recommendations from Phase 1 of the Grenfell enquiry

Building a fire safety culture in health facilities

Dr David Gold and Neil Vincer, from IOSH, discuss why a sustainable workplace fire safety culture must be incorporated in a hospital setting

The importance of well-maintained fire extinguishers

The Fire Industry Association's Robert Thilthorpe explains why you should have fire extinguishers maintained regularly

Signalling fire safety plans in hospitals

Following the devastation of the Grenfell Tower fire, Mark Hughes considers how signage can play a part in the safe evacuation of large numbers of people

Reduce your false alarms

Fire safety might seem like a basic topic to the initiated, but it is actually incredibly important to get it right, says Will Lloyd of the Fire Industry Association

Fire-proofing patient and staff safety

Will Lloyd, technical manager of the Fire Industry Association, analyses the risks and steps to take to ensure hospitals are fire safe

In recent years in Great Britain there have been approximately 40 fires per week in hospitals and healthcare premises and unbelievably 20 per year are arson attacks, reports the Fire Industry Association’s ceo Graham Ellicott

With people of limited or no mobility, multi-sited buildings, and life-saving surgeries taking place around the clock, an environment like a hospital can pose many challenges for fire safety. The Fire Industry Association covers the main points to consider for effective fire safety provision in healthcare settings

Patient safety is of upmost importance to any healthcare facility, but fire protection is sometimes overlooked. The FIA talks about the key points to consider with regard to fire safety

Phil Lewis-Farrell, a chartered member of the Institution of Occupational Safety 
and Health (IOSH), explains fire safety and training in a hospital setting

How do you ensure that fire protection systems in healthcare premises are of the highest standard? Using companies that are third party certificated is the first port of call, urges Graham Ellicott

How can you provide robust fire safety for patients under residential care? Nick Coombe, chair of the Chief Fire offices Association’s Enforcement Working Group, investigates

The subject of risk management in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and the like is probably beyond the competence of the average fire risk assessor, says the Association for Specialist Fire Protection


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