Get a converged education about converged networks

2007 is shaping up to be the year IP (Internet Protocol) moves from the headlines to the heart of IT infrastructure. Converged data, voice and video networks are changing the way organisations – from public sector to private, enterprise to the small to medium business – interact with customers and partners, self-organise, and protect their vital information assets. If these issues are starting to impact on you, get beyond the hype and find out what the reality is by attending IP07, Europe’s premier IP exhibition.
IP07 gives you a converged education about converged networks in two productive days (16 &17 October 2007).  In this time you can meet, talk with and listen to the key suppliers in converged networking. So whatever kind of network you’re planning, you’ll find answers to every one of your questions. Choose from over 80 free sessions in the five seminar theatres:

Free sessions
Infrastructure and Network Management Theatre – For organisations wanting to know the implications of convergence on the critical business platform, the network:

  • Considers what convergence means in network management terms•    Focuses on what future networks will bring
  • Demonstrates the combination of infrastructure, networks and devices essential to successful corporate deployment

IP Communications Applications Theatre –
for organisations who want to make sense of the seemingly unlimited catalogue of IP-enabled applications:

  • Looks at mainstream applications and explains why they are successful
  • Considers what the influential applications will be in the future
  • Offers practical guidance on deployment in the enterprise

IP Data Centres and Hosted Services Theatre –
for organisations wishing to exploit managed services by seamlessly extending IP services to remote workers, branch offices, customers and partners:

  • Demonstrates why IP services need to be fast, secure, reliable and fully-managed
  • Shows how managed services can reduce the cost and complexity of networks
  • Addresses key themes on IP storage networks, data centre consolidation, virtualisation, business continuity and the transition form legacy services

Network Security and Management Theatre –
For organisations wishing to secure a business-driven convergence solution using the latest tools and technologies.

  • Examines the leading products, services, tools and technologies for enterprises
  • Describes the building blocks and best practice essential to a secure, well-managed solution
  • Looks at the latest security trends, technologies and tools

Wireless Mobility and Devices Theatre – for organisations looking beyond the wireline-dominated world who want to take their voice, data and video requirements with them.

  • Highlights the steps organisations should take
  • Shows how suppliers can effect valuable transformational change
  • Showcases advanced wireless devices, networks and mobility services

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