Delivering £20bn of efficiency savings was always going to challenge the NHS. But will its cut backs affect the cleaning industry, and will ward hygiene and patient safety be put at risk?

How can healthcare organisations critically evaluate, plan, apply and measure cleanliness provision? Independent consultant David Griffiths takes a closer look at some of the key considerations

Is the new PAS 5748 a blueprint for cleanliness or yet more bureaucracy? It’s a simple and effective code, says Denise Foster, national chair, Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals

What are the main threats within a healthcare environment, and what role are trade associations playing in the battle to control infections, asks the Cleaning and Support Services Association

Regular and effective cleaning can help in the battle against infection, however, increasing the use of cleaning and disinfecting products is not necessarily the right way to go – unless they’re green

Cleaning in healthcare premises plays a vital role in the prevention of healthcare associated infections, writes Andrew Large Chief Executive of the Cleaning and Support Services Association

Next year, GP surgeries and medical centres will need the latest, most effective cleaning methods to meet the new Care Quality Commission (CQC) standards, writes Ceris Burns

We speak to Stan Atkins, CEO of the British Institute of Cleaning Science, to examine why it is so important for healthcare establishments to use trained and qualified cleaning operatives

The Association of Healthcare Professional’s 35th Annual Conference, which took place in Bristol 8-10 June, had a refreshing new format and ushered in some big changes

Stan Atkins, CEO of the British Institute of Cleaning Science, explains how the introduction of the Institute’s new accreditation scheme may be a benefit for the health sector, enabling it to operate at maximum efficiency

Peter Carroll from the British Cleaning Council talks about the importance of cleaning, whether done in house or through a contracted company, and discusses the need for higher cleaning budgets

Carina Bale, of the Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals, discusses cleaning standards

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