Maintaining indoor humidity levels key to fighting the virus

Dr. Stephanie Taylor discusses the need to ensure hospitals have a humidity level so that viruses cannot spread

Every infection prevented helps us combat AMR

Infection prevention must be the cornerstone of our approach to tackling antimicrobial resistance, says Pat Cattini

Good hygiene critical to infection prevention

Veronica Johnson Roffey explains how it is only by staff, patients and visitors working together that healthcare environments can win the fight to reduce HCAIs

Preventing the preventable, simple steps to stay well this winter

The Infection Prevention Society elaborates on why effective hand washing, as well as a few other simple measures, can make all the difference in preventing winter infections.

Silver lining in war against superbugs

Dr. Michail Karavolos explains how to reduce HCAIs through more innovative property and estate solutions

Infection potential of copper alloys

The Copper Development Association highlights some of the most interesting findings of a recent Internal Medicine Review paper

Effective clinical waste management

Dr Andy Nichols discusses the importance of maintaining effective clinical waste management within the NHS

Designing effective infection prevention measures

Dr Neil Wigglesworth outlines the importance of infection prevention measures when implementing hospital design plans

Getting the Basics right

Derek Butler, chair of MRSA Action UK, discusses the importance of returning to the basics of hygiene as technology and bacterium speedily evolve

The long journey of the surgical instrument

Mona Guckian Fisher, president of the Association for Perioperative Practice, looks at the before, during and after of surgical equipment safety

Giving patient safety a boost

Bryony Samuel, of the Copper Development Association, discusses the latest information on the use of copper surfaces to boost infection prevention and control in hospitals

Superbugs: knowing the score today and tomorrow

The Health Foundation outlines what has been learned from infection prevention and control work carried out over the last 15 years in hospitals in England.

Derek Butler, chair of MRSA Action UK, shares his views on what is needed to take infection prevention to the next level, and the problem of antibiotic resistance should such measures fail

Measures to control the spread of infection are widely practiced, but an added measure could be to integrate antimicrobial additives into surfaces to make them inhospitable to bacteria. BioCote’s Dr Andrew Summerfield explain’s how

Although the likelihood of imported cases of Ebola is low, healthcare staff in the UK need
to remain vigilant. Public Health England has issued guidance for acute trust staff on
identifying and managing patients who require assessment for Ebola virus disease


Event Diary

Following the 2017 Naylor Report into NHS estates, it has been estimated that estate upkeep costs have reached approximately £10bn in annual funding for 2019/2020.

More recently, ERIC (Estates Returns Information Collection) data collection has contained some deeply alarming news about the condition of NHS buildings and equipment.

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