Digital resources for mental health

Brian Runciman, writes for BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, on the relationship between IT and mental health services

Using data and IT to transform healthcare

UK e-Health Week is devoted to the people and organisations that use the power of IT to transform health and care

The growth of digital tech in NHS

Andy Kinnear explains why he is optimistic about the growing opportunities and unlimited potential in digitising the NHS

Exploring the potential of The Internet of Things

With the rapid reliance of technology increasing each year, Health Business’ Ben Plummer delves into the The Internet of Things and what it could mean for the NHS in 2016.

Mobile initiatives can deliver higher quality care at lower costs for the NHS, which encourages quicker and more engaged relationships with patients. Health Business analyses the importance of the technology as well as the latest news from the Integrated Digital Care Fund and Nursing

With one million patients every 36 hours and continual pressure from national targets, are NHS staff given enough support to deliver high quality patient care? Julia Ball of University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust shares how listening to staff calls for less paper and working closely with clinicians on IT implementations can lead to better outcomes for patients

With the scrappage of the previous government’s ‘failed’ information strategy, the ball is back with local health service managers to determine what they want to do with information technology

Information Builders’ John Backhouse explains how to overcome NHS data difficulties and make the most of existing IT implementations

Stuart Mackintosh explains the key components of open source software, the government’s attitude towards it and how it can be effectively used within the health industry

Talk around mobile health applications has developed momentum over recent months. The Mobile Data Association’s Nick Hunn explores pressing issues of who and how mHealth applications will be prescribed

Dan Goldstein of InfoComm International outlines the reasons for the growing use of AV technology in modern medical facilities

50 per cent more patients can now be examined by the cardiac MRI system at The Royal Bournemouth Hospital due to a new technology upgrade

The NHS has reached a fork in the road that could determine its future as a publicly funded, comprehensive service, says Professor Matthew Swindells, Chair of the Health Informatics Forum at BCS

Predictions of the death of NHS IT are wrong. The industry is alive and ready to grow, argues Victor Almeida, senior health analyst for Kable

Many healthcare professionals are using mobile digital equipment to help them deliver better patient care. But the potential of wireless technologies goes a whole lot further, argues Melissa Frewin, head of healthcare at Intellect


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