Tory leadership: the candidates and the NHS

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have been revealed as the final two MPs in the race to become leader of the Conservative Party.

Five ways public sector managers can ignite innovation

It’s crucial that managers and leaders foster a culture of innovation and creative thinking within their teams, writes Gabriella Goddard

The importance of NHS leadership training

What can we do to ensure people in positions of influence role model inclusive leadership, with dignity and compassion? Stephen Hart explores

Promoting a productive workplace

Danny Mortimer, chief executive of NHS Employers, looks at the role that employee morale has in creating a healthy NHS workplace

The six barriers to making leadership development in health a priority

The NHS Leadership Academy's Chris Lake explores some of the reasons why health leadership is in a poor condition

What makes a good leader within the NHS?

With the importance of NHS leaders growing, John Yates discusses leadership at all levels and why support to leaders is critical to success

Leadership is an everyday event

Jenny Clarke, midwife at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, shares her experience of the NHS Frontline Nursing and Midwifery programme

Keeping tabs on talent management

Michelle Fitzgerald-Shaw, from the the NHS Leadership Academy, explains why talent management is now more important than ever before

Combining leadership skill and management capability

Chris Lake explores why leadership and management are equally important – and why they can’t work in isolation.

Leadership development in the healthcare sector is changing. Christina Pond, executive director of core contracts and policy at Skills for Health, shares some NHS successes and explains best practice.

Recognising leadership in the work place

Recognising what good leadership looks like is just as important as having leadership in place, explains Nithya Kutty of the NHS Leadership Academy.

Alan Leaman and Michael Allen share insights on how healthcare trusts can benefit from bringing in outside experts to resolve financial issues and improve hospital governance

Jan Sobieraj of the NHS Leadership Academy talks about how effective leadership development can bring about much-needed cultural changes within the NHS, resulting in better patient care

The Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund aims to raise standards of patient access throughout the UK. Health Business looks at the current state of GP provision and ideas on how to improve it

Michael Boyd, healthcare sector head at business law firm DWF, discusses what Clause 119 of the Care Bill, dubbed the ‘hospital closure clause’ will mean for clinicians
and how the law in this are  has developed


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