MedTech leaders and the shift from hospital to home

James Feindt, Marck Aghnatios and Alistair Fleming look at the opportunities of migrating care from hospital to the home environment, as well as the challenges it creates

Need NHS treatment? You’re better off up North!

Analysis of NHS England data by the Medical Technology Group reveals huge regional variation in patients receiving treatment

Diagnostics taking centre stage

PA Consulting's Valerie Phillips outlines the opportunities for new ways of delivering care and improved health outcomes

Technology has proven its worth, let’s now give it a chance

Barbara Harpham looks at how technology holds the key to a new, more efficient, post-pandemic healthcare system

The innovation buck stops with you, Mr Hancock

Barbara Harpham considers the mechanisms designed to promote the adoption of innovation by the NHS, and assesses progress

How and why the NHS adopts innovation

Dr Amanda Begley discusses the ways healthcare professionals and innovators can work together to improve how the NHS adopts innovation

Base clinical decisions on patients’ needs, not postcodes

Barbara Harpham argues for equal access to medical technology and says that treatment should be based on their clinical needs

Integrating technology in care is the future

Sinead Mac Manus and Christina Cornwell discuss why we must make sure people are involved in how the integration of technology is shaped in the NHS

Inclusive environments for patients with hearing loss

Andrew Thomas looks at why NHS trusts should assess their hearing loop provision and the potential costs of not listening to those who can’t hear

Link healthcare spending to patient outcomes

Barbara Harpham argues for a thorough review of healthcare spending on medical technology, linking it to tangible outcomes for patients

E-cigarettes in the NHS: What role can they play?

Misunderstanding among smokers and the general public of the dangers of e-cigarettes continues to grow, says Martin Dockrell

Regulating medical device apps

Valerie Field, interim group manager in the MHRA devices division, explores new guidance for medical device health apps

Mike Kreuzer, of the Association of British Healthcare Industries, looks at the revision of the Medical Device Regulation, and the consequential strengthening of requirements.

Raising the standard of patient safety

Andy Crosbie, MHRA Devices Division, explains how Unique Device Identification and GS1 standards can help to improve patient safety while increasing efficiency.

Clearing the air on pre-hospital care

Dr Nick Crombie, clinical lead for Midlands Air Ambulance Charity, discusses the latest technological developments in pre-hospital care and the impact these have had on patients.


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