Hospitals in England have been told to offer free, reduced or capped parking charges for certain groups under new government guidelines. Health Business summarises the new guidance

The Department of Health’s recently updated guidance on NHS parking principles has sparked up the debate on whether hospitals should charge for parking. Kelvin Reynolds, policy director at the British Parking Association, reports

There are many examples of inappropriate parking systems in place at hospitals which cause confusion and add to the worries of an already concerned person. But there is also evidence of hospitals that have got it right, writes the BPA’s Kelvin Reynolds

The idea of a healthcare parking benchmarking survey, to better understand current policy on how parking is managed and charged for – and how this varies between locations – was discussed at a recent BPA Healthcare Parking Special Interest Group

Balancing the needs of patients, visitors and staff, and making hospital parking fair and cost‑effective is something that parking managers at healthcare sites across the UK face every day

The health of the nation depends on the NHS, which itself depends on the parking profession to help ensure access to its facilities is fair and appropriate, properly managed and adequately funded. With this in mind, the British Parking Association (BPA) has initiated a Special Interest Group to support its work in raising parking standards – whilst always putting the customer first.

Given the number of people who use hospital parking, it is clear that there is a real need for car parking to be managed properly, says Dave Smith of the British Parking Association

A current diagnosis of the parking sector by Dave Smith of the British Parking Association, which has recently published a new five year strategy outlining its desires to raise standards

Parking at healthcare sites continues to cause controversy, and the general theme seems to revolve around charging. Dave Smith of the British Parking Association sets the scene

Hospital parking is often an easy target for a media hungry for emotional headlines. But properly-managed parking facilities serve a vital purpose, as well as releasing healthcare budgets

Many hospital premises are moving from traditional methods of parking management to more technologically advanced systems to enable car parks to be run more effectively

The British Parking Association’s Healthcare Parking Special Interest Group gathered to debate and overcome issues surrounding hospital parking. We look at what was discussed

With initiatives like its Hospital Parking Charter and special interest groups, the British Parking Association strives to raise parking standards in the healthcare environment

For many, the car park is both the first and last impression of a healthcare facility. It is therefore imperative to make it an easy and stress-free experience, urges the British Parking Association

The Healthcare Facilities Consortium’s Keith Sammonds reviews recent activity within the hospital parking area including how the health service is moving things forward


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