A simple approach to providing improved patient care

Glen Hodgson looks at the current state of the eProcurement strategy and asks where the GLN sector is heading over the next few years

Making value-based care happen

Diane Bell looks at how Value Based Care can happen at a greater scale and what steps healthcare leaders should follow to transform care

Prevention is better than cure

Better accident prevention measures can help reduce the number of people who visit our hospitals and A&E departments in the first place, writes RoSPA's Adam Grinsell

PEPPOL – a single, digital market

Ed Palferman explains how PEPPOL can simplify business and can reduce costs for the healthcare system

Operation - How safe are you?

The rates of error present a significant challenge to those working in the NHS. Mona Guckian Fisher looks at near miss events within surgery

Realising the value in patient safety

Don Redding of National Voices discusses the organisation’s Realising the Value programme and summarises the available concepts of value

With the release of NHS Digital’s experimental statistics on the implementation of seven-day services, Health Business examines the findings and weighs up the pros and cons of seven-day care.

The show that puts patient safety first

Health Business looks at the various conference streams of Patient First, the national event for patient safety

Investing in staff to deliver better patient care

Clare Price-Dowd advises that investing in your staff is the only way to deliver high quality patient care

Guardians will help whistleblowers speak out

Neil Churchill, NHS England’s director for patient experience, discusses the steps that are being taken to ensure primary care staff feel supported if raising safety concerns.

Could improving the complaints process improve patient safety?

Health Business analyses the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman’s ‘Breaking down the Barriers’ report and examines what improving the complaints process could mean for improving patient safety and care outcomes for older patients.

The NHS Leadership Academy analyse how patient inclusion and participation can lead to well‑informed leaders – which in turn provides better care and service for those patients in need

With evidence suggesting that patients face a higher risk of mortality in hospitals at weekends, the Conservative government has outlined plans for a seven-day NHS. But how will this work and what challenges will need to be overcome first? Health Business reports

Tony Sant of the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency examines how the development of an integrated reporting tool and improved governance for problems with medicines and medical equipment will play a vital role in raising standards for patient care

John Illingworth of leading charity the Health Foundation examines the fallout from the 2013 Francis Report and assesses the government’s attempts to change an entrenched culture


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