Tania Bowers, global public policy director at APSCo looks at ways to solve NHS staffing issues

The NHS must embrace the agency workforce. During this staffing crisis, recruitment agencies and temps are playing a crucial role in keeping wards open and the wheels of the NHS turning, writes Yerin Seo, senior campaigns advisor at the Recruitment and Employment Confederati

Recruiting talent to the public sector is not easy, but here are some tips to help

With a staffing crisis in the NHS, the REC looks at what Trusts and the government can do to address this problem

CCS's new Framework lets all NHS organisations with access to recruitment agencies hire permanent, fixed term and internal secondment roles

Strategic review needed to secure future of healthcare workforce

We should remain focused on the likelihood that worker shortages in health and social care will get worse before they get better, writes Yerin Seo

Developing systemic resilience for our flexible workforce

Juliette Cosgrove argues that a focus on flexible worker resilience is needed to support those who support the NHS

Clinical and healthcare staffing

The new Clinical and Healthcare Staffing framework has been designed to meet the temporary staffing demands of the NHS, writes Tim Smith

International recruitment campaigns: Five steps to success

In what ways can recruiting healthcare organisations mitigate potential risks at both the recruitment stage and once the candidate has arrived?

The health and social care workforce post-Brexit

Neal Suchak discusses the challenges facing the health and social care sector after the 1 January 2021

#BelongtoSomething - recruitment and social media

Peter Riches explains why a growing number of NHS trusts are turning to social media to ease their recruitment woes

NHS crisis to worsen from post-Brexit immigration rules

Jack Yates, content writer for the Immigration Advice Service, discusses the shortfalls of the NHS Visa and the new Immigration Bill

NHS Recruitment: joining the dots

Neal Suchak analyses the importance of a healthy, transparent recruitment supply chain and the benefits of co-operation in NHS recruitment

The Shortage Occupation List and Brexit

Pia Subramaniam discusses changes made to the Shortage Occupation List and how these are likely to impact the UK health sector


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