Clean Air Day on 16 June saw the announcement that all NHS Trusts now have a green plan. Dr Nick Watts, Chief Sustainability Officer of the NHS looks at the impact this will have

NHS Supply Chain tackling environmental impact

NHS Supply Chain examine tackling the NHS’ environmental impact by changing supply chain operations

Viewing health by-products as resources rather than waste

Rethinking waste as a valuable by-product is vital to meeting sustainability targets across healthcare systems, writes David Rakowski

Making the NHS sustainable for our communities

There exists a unique opportunity for the NHS to help create sustainable communities which promote health, writes Katja Lacey

Driving a more resource efficient economy

Jerome Baddley and Clare Topping analyse a number of waste solutions that have been widely adopted in the health sector

Managing waste in the NHS needs a strategic approach

Edward James discusses some of the waste challenges being faced in the NHS, and the ways LPP is helping organisations to overcome them

Setting a standard in sustainability

The HB sustainability Top 10 recognises progress towards sustainability through the smarter use of energy, transport and waste management

Saving money and reducing carbon emissions

The Sustainable Development Unit writes about the opportunities for sustainable procurement to save money, help the environment and boost local economies

Making savings while saving the environment

Rachel Brooks explores the Securing Healthy Returns and investigates the £414 million of potential savings that it recorded

Following the British Medical Association’s (BMA) sudden decision to call off the tumultuous five-day junior doctor strikes, Health Business' Rachel Brooks provides an update on the dispute.

With uncertainty over the junior doctor contracts still disrupting the NHS workforce, Health Business’ Rachel Brooks maps out the journey of the disputes.

Inspiring staff, inspiring change

Caroline Watson, senior partner at Global Action Plan, shares success stories from Barts Health NHS Trust programmes on air quality and sustainability

By acting as Good Corporate Citizens, NHS organisations can reduce their carbon emissions

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