Developing the integrated workforce

Ian Wheeler, from Skills for Health, looks at the workforce development needed to make integrated care a success

Growing evidence shows that clinical leadership improves quality and outcomes for patients. The need to encourage this development is clear but more training in management is required if it is to become a reality, as Shirley Cramer CBE, CEO for the Institute for Healthcare Management (IHM) explains.

Michael Moneypenny, director of the Scottish Clinical Simulation Centre, examines the history of simulation in healthcare, and the impact of mannequin-based simulation training on patient safety

John Sylvester, executive director of P&MM Motivation, looks at how strict financial policies have impacted on employee motivation and engagement programmes.

Stress and wellbeing expert Jane Thomas explains why it is essential in the current economic climate to invest in the wellbeing of staff working within the NHS

Investing in good quality security and risk training provides healthcare staff with the key skills needed to identify and respond to risks, urges Amy Burrell, training consultant at Perpetuity Training

A Skills Passport for Health is a portable, online record of an individual’s career history, current skills and training, designed to reduce duplication of training and pre-employment checks

Lean management principles can help the NHS survive the financial crisis, says Mark Eaton Mark, managing director, Amnis UK

Employers have a duty of care to protect employees and patients from harm where patient handling is concerned

As the NHS enters the era of more for less, the development of next generation learning systems, which blend on and offline approaches, could not have come at a better time. Written by John Baxter, LSN

Ruth Spellman takes a look at style and substance for a healthy management future

Poor leadership and management have often been easy targets for those looking for weaknesses in the UK health service, says David Pardey, Institute of Leadership & Management

With funding squeezes being mooted after 2011, how can NHS organisations afford a trust-wide investment in staff support services?

London Strategic Health Authority’s Wellness Strategy and implementation
aims to support the delivery of world class people and world class healthcare in London

Candace Miller, director of Strategic Workforce Transformation at Skills for Health, explains the importance of workforce transformation and shares some of the tools available to help those involved in workforce design, planning, and development


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