The waiting is almost over

From Tuesday 17 – Thursday 19 April the parking community will be making its way to Parkex International, an exhibition organised by the British Parking Association and Brintex Exhibitions. Held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, the three-day event, which attracts all members of the parking community, from both the public and private sector, Parkex International brings together over one hundred companies from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world to meet their peers and discuss innovation and best practice.
Parkex International answers the needs of the industry professional, by creating an effective space where leading suppliers of parking technology products and services can meet their customers in an informal setting, geared to their requirements. And of course as well as being a showground for technology, it is also a knowledge forum and a unique networking opportunity.
cut out all the work

Nowhere else can you spend a few days with professionals in the parking industry and gather information that might otherwise have taken months of laborious work and research to discover. Nowhere else will professionals be able to see new product launches as well as the evolution of existing products and services. Nowhere else can time spent be measured in a money saving way.
For 2007, Parkex International will be co-located with Traffex and EWx - External Works Exhibition, bringing together the entire parking, traffic management and landscaping industries, under the one roof.
Keith Banbury, chief executive, British Parking Association, comments: “These three exhibitions have been co-located to maximise the quality of experience for our visitors and better utilise their valuable time out of the office. As the events have a natural synergy, we hope that both exhibitors and visitors will gain valuable information and leave with stronger contacts.”

Fantastic range of products
The key to any exhibition is the quality and array of exhibitors that will give the event its main content, and this year’s Parkex International is set to display a truly fantastic range of products. With exhibitors from the public and private sector representing the industry on an international level, visitors can expect to be educated and entertained.
From the first day of the exhibition, visitors to the event will have access not only to the latest products and services which are being designed world wide, but also topical seminars being held at a showcase theatre.  These seminars will be hosted by various industry spokespeople and established companies, and will debate the ‘hot topics’.

Hot topics
In addition to the showcase theatre, the traffic and parking exhibition will consist of the ‘Smart Moving Conference’, hosted by ITS-UK. The conference will give delegates ample opportunity to learn, be enthused and be entertained through issue-lead discussions. The first session, chaired by Mike McDonald, Chairman of ITS-UK will feature a keynote address from Dr Stephen Ladyman MP, Minister for Transport, as well as a thought provoking talk on Road User Charging delivered by Steven Norris, President ITS-UK. The first day will conclude with a welcome reception at 17:30, where delegates will be able to enjoy time to network and discuss the day’s proceedings.
Of course the event isn’t just about ‘parking’. The challenges faced by every country, involve ways of getting roads moving more smoothly and more efficiently. The hundred plus companies exhibiting are showcasing new technologies that affect all aspects of road travel, including charging solutions, intelligent road infrastructure design, road user charging, traffic and traveller information services, environmental issues and more.

Addressing the issues
Road travel isn’t just about what goes on in the big cities and the suburbs; it’s also about movement in the countryside and on motorways too. As traffic volume continues to increase, new ways have to put in place to handle the challenges ahead. Parking itself is changing with too few spaces, for too many vehicles, and while charging may keep down the number of vehicles coming into towns, it may only slow the flow, not remove it. Parkex International will address these issues through both seminars at the showcase theatre, and in discussions at the Smart Moving Conference.

Inviting debate
Urban transport is one way to cut down use of cars in cities, but is a fully integrated public transport system just a dream that’s unattainable? Again this will be debated, analysed and evaluated in seminars and sessions that fleshes out the core of the matter and invites debate, controversy and joined up thinking.
In 2005, the bi-annual parking exhibition saw 11,000 visitors travel to Birmingham and 2007 Parkex International is on track to exceed expectations.
For more information on Parkex International, Traffex or EWx - External Works, you can visit there dedicated websites:, or Attending these exhibitions is free of charge and it is advised that you pre-register online to secure your pass.

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