£585 million hospital upgrades announced

The Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton will receive £420 million to redevelop its buildings, some of the oldest currently in use by the NHS. Several buildings on the site are to be demolished and replaced with modern facilities, and the hospital's capacity is to be expanded by 100 beds. It has been claimed that the deteriorating condition of the hospital's building stock has affected patient care.

George Osborne said the plans represent "great news for Brighton and the whole local community. Bringing the buildings and facilities of this venerated hospital up to modern standards will enhance and improve patients’ care and experience."

Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire is also to be upgraded, Osborne has said. The specialist heart and lung hospital is to relocate from outside Cambridge to the Addenbrooke's site in the city as part of a £165 million redevelopment scheme. The proposed new building would have 310 beds and use state of the art medical facilities and technologies.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander said: "This ambitious package will ensure that patients across the East of England continue to benefit from access to world-class specialist treatment, will secure Papworth hospital’s future location, and help further develop its world leading capabilities.

"Bringing Papworth and Addenbrookes more closely together will also create a hub of leading-edge research and pharmaceutical development and also firmly underlines our commitment to the long term plan for science."


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