Dame Sally Davies to step down as chief medical officer

Dame Sally Davies to step down as chief medical officer

Professor Dame Sally Davies is to step down from her role as chief medical officer for England at the end of September

She will become will be the 39th master of Trinity College, replacing Nobel Prize winner Sir Gregory Winter.

Dame Sally is a fellow of the Royal Society and a fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences. She was made dame commander for services to medicine in 2009.

She worked in the NHS as a consultant haematologist for 30 years before joining the Civil Service in 2004. She then became Director General of Research and Development for the NHS and created the National Institute for Health Research. She was the first woman to be appointed the chief medical officer, in 2010.

She is best known for successfully paving the way for international and domestic efforts in the fight against antimicrobial resistance, and leading the UK government’s response to health emergencies including Ebola, pandemic flu, and the Novichok attacks.

She said: “It truly is a privilege and an honour to be appointed master of Trinity, especially to be the first female master. I am excited to get started and to continue building the prestigious legacy of this inspiring College.”

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