NHS England launch new Medicines Optimisation Dashboard

The dashboard brings together data and aligns it to various themes including patient safety, mental health, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, antibiotic prescribing and community pharmacy.
The data will allow local NHS organisations to highlight variation in local practice and stimulate discussion on the appropriateness of local care. It is not intended to be used as a performance management tool but is designed to encourage localised discussions about how well patients are being supported to get maximum benefit from medicines.
In addition, the Dashboard looks at the variation in use of some of the newer innovative medicines which complement the ‘Innovation Scorecard’ - guidance designed to reduce variation, strengthen compliance, benchmark and improve transparency for patients.
Bruce Warner, Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for NHS England, said: “Medicine optimisation is about ensuring that the right patients get the right choice of medicine, at the right time. It is important that the way medicine is used is centered on the patient if we are to exploit the maximum benefit from their use. We encourage CCGs and Trusts to work together to agree how to use this dashboard locally.”
Despite medicine playing a crucial role in maintaining health, preventing illness, managing chronic conditions and curing disease, about 50 per cent of medicines are not taken as intended and between five and eight per cent of all unplanned hospital admissions are due to medication issues. This figure rises to 17 per cent in the over 65s age group. Additionally, £300 million is wasted in primary care alone, about half of which is avoidable.
Local Professional Networks and Academic Health Science Networks will use the data in their collaboration with patients, CCGs, Trusts and the pharmaceutical industry to support local improvement.
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