NHS investing £190m for Hepatitis C cure

The Hepatitis C virus affects the liver’s ability to function and is most commonly a result of the use of infected needles by intravenous drug users. Thousands of patients with cirrhosis caused by the Hepatitis C Virus will now be able to access new treatment options which can cure the virus prevent further damage to the liver, including the potential of end stage liver disease or cancer.
Peter Moss, a Consultant and Chair of NHS England’s Infectious Diseases Clinical Reference Group, said: “The new anti-viral drugs being made available through this scheme offer a huge improvement in care for patients with Hepatitis C-related liver cirrhosis. Now we are in a position to cure the large majority of patients and so to prevent further liver damage and premature death.”
Charles Gore, Chief Executive of the Hepatitis C Trust, said: “Patients with cirrhosis will be delighted to have access to these new drugs. They are so tolerable that almost all of those with cirrhosis will want to take them and so potent that almost all of those that do will be cured of their Hepatitis C thereby massively reducing their risk of liver failure or liver cancer.
“This is a big step forward towards reversing the rising death-toll from this disease. People living with Hepatitis C have been waiting for this revolution in therapy with huge expectation and now it has arrived we hope NHS England will move quickly to make it available to a rapidly increasing number of patients.”

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