New mental health campaign launched in Midlands

Public Health England (PHE) has launched a new Every Mind Matters campaign across the Midlands, encouraging adults in the region to consider their mental health on par with their physical health.

Launched on World Mental Health Day, the campaign encourages people to visit the Every Mind Matters guide, a free NHS-approved online resource which provides expert advice, practical tips, and experiences from real people to help manage these issues and those of others. It highlights simple actions anyone can take to manage mental health issues, such as stress, trouble sleeping and anxiety, and how prevent them from becoming more serious.

It is believed that one in four people in England experience a mental health problem each year, with the proportion of diagnosable common mental health conditions having increased by 20 per cent in the last 20 years. In the Midlands alone, 71 per cent report experiencing one or more of low mood, anxiety, stress and trouble sleeping, frequently or occasionally.

The Midlands survey also found that 66 per cent of adults in the Midlands say they look after their physical health on a weekly basis, but only 46 per cent look after their mental health as regularly.

John Newton, director of Health Improvement at Public Health England, said: “With the pressures of modern life, it’s normal to feel stressed, anxious, low or have trouble sleeping some of the time. But when these become overwhelming or frequent they can be signs of a more serious problem. It’s just as important to take action to look after your mental health, as your physical health. Our campaign helps you to protect and improve your own mental health, and help the same.”

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