Half of GPs willing to resign in protest of general practice state

The survey conducted by Pulse, found that of of the 922 GPs questioned, 49 per cent were willing to resign their NHS contracts to raise awareness of issues such as chronic underfunding, relentless bureaucracy and the ‘misrepresentation’ of doctors.

The data comes as senior GP leaders prepare for a crisis summit on 30 January to examine ‘what actions are needed to ensure GPs can deliver a safe and sustainable service’.

GPs so far have raised concerns regarding the lack of government action as practices face a shortage of GPs, with their incoming falling to the lowest level for nine years and many practices being forced to shut down.

GP’s maintained that the ‘new deal’ announced by the Health Secretary earlier this year had failed to deal with the problems many practices were having.

Dr David Goldberg, a GP in Merseyside, said: "Over the last few years all actions by the government point to the fact that they are engineering a fight with doctors. The government misrepresents us repeatedly. They misrepresent doctors’ work ethic but nothing could be further from the truth. The only option we have left is to post-date resignation letters en masse."

Dr Karen Buchanan, a GP in North Tyneside, said: "I’m massively frustrated by the situation in general practice. To the point, after 20 years, where I’m not sure I can continue working in the NHS. I see the whole structure of general practice being dismantled, a structure that has been admired world-wide. The opinions of the workforce are repeatedly ignored by the government. Money is being poured in to wasteful, inefficient ”money saving” schemes. We may have less targets to reach but we are always the target for the media."

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