NHS Executive Group to boost senior leadership

As part of closer working arrangements between the two organisations, NHS England and NHS Improvement have announced a new joint senior leadership team.

The two organisations will share the new combined management group chaired by the two chief executives, Simon Stevens and Ian Dalton.

Among the new appointments to the new NHS Executive Group are Julian Kelly, NHS Chief Financial Officer, Professor Stephen Powis, National NHS Medical Director, Matthew Swindells, Deputy Chief Executive of NHS England, and Ian Dodge, National Director for Strategy & Innovation.

NHS England and NHS Improvement have also announced the recruitment of new regional directors for the group. Moving forward, the seven integrated regional teams will play a major leadership role in the geographies they manage, making decisions on how best to assure and support performance in their region, as well as supporting local system transformation.

Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England, said: “We are pleased to announce the newest members of our joint NHS Executive Group, an important milestone in the closer working arrangement between NHS England and NHS Improvement. This team will now support the NHS over the coming years in delivering the new NHS Long Term Plan.”

Ian Dalton, chief executive of NHS Improvement, said: “With these appointments, we have secured a number of exceptional leaders to join the NHS Executive Group. Each of these individuals has shown determination to work alongside the NHS to support improvement and passion for delivering better care for patients. I look forward very much to working with them all.

“A number of our executive directors have taken this opportunity to pursue other leadership opportunities. They have been extremely valuable members of our team and I am grateful to each of them for their outstanding contributions to the NHS.”

As part of the announcement, NHS England and NHS Improvement are cutting their running costs by a further 20 per cent. The NHS Executive Group is set to hold its first meeting in January 2019, with the new national and regional directors expected to formally lead their integrated directorates by April 2019.

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