Chronic kidney disease website launch

The website, believed to aid both those suffering from chronic kidney disease and those who treat it, was created following a study into 'experiences of kidney monitoring in primary care' (ESKIMO). The ESKIMO study interviewed 45 patients and 22 primary care professionals to better understand experiences of early stage chronic kidney disease from both viewpoints. It discovered that GP's often left their patients concerned when explanations were inadequately provided, and aims to show them what information is useful and what isn't.

Dr Jeremy Horwood from the University of Bristol’s Centre for Academic Primary Care was lead researcher on the project. He said: “The kidney health section of the healthtalk website provides a valuable resource for both patients and doctors to support and inform people going through similar experiences. The video clips are also a great, free resource for teaching and training to improve understanding of how patients view and experience the diagnosis and management of early stage chronic kidney disease.”

The website, launched to coincide with World Kidney Day, showcases video footage from the research interviews, as well as advice on recognising kidney problems early and experiences on how to handle the problems it causes. The healthtalk website supports more than 5 million people per year and is certified by the NHS Information Standard.

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