New smartphone app implemented at IoW Trust

Replacing the 130 pager devices in use by staff across the organisation, the Isle of Wight NHS Trust has implemented a new smartphone based app to improve communications efficiency.

The deployment of CommonTime’s smartphone based Intelligent Paging app means staff now carry an Android smartphone device by Vodafone, which is pre-loaded with CommonTime’s Intelligent Paging software, and can generate a full audit log at any time to review historic communications for governance purposes, which has been noted as an advantage over standard paging systems.

Intelligent Paging for Teams will enable staff to send mobile alerts, that can include multimedia attachments, to all users - enabling informed decision making in front line care delivery. Alerts will be delivered as persistent notifications that override device sound and sleep settings, ensuring important messages are not missed.

Lee Haward, Isle of Wight NHS Trust service delivery manager, said: “Our organisation originally chose the system as a replacement for the old long range pager system that was used by our ‘off site on call team’ when the old system became obsolete. It was chosen for its versatility of uses and the different devices the product could be accessed from. The fact that it could be put on our staff’s own devices was extremely useful to us s it can save carrying two or more devices with them. The fact that the app can override the users phones sound settings means they can be on call for a pager but not be disturbed by other apps on their phones.

“Also the system provides an audit trail with acknowledgements which is very important to us as this was something we were unable to do with the old technology. We are now looking at other uses and more products to see if they can be used for more uses across the trust. The interface is extremely easy to use and was rolled out with relatively little training required.”

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