More men than women get physical activity guidelines

66 per cent of men met national aerobic activity guidelines in 2016 compared to 58 per cent of women, new figures have revealed.

NHS Digital’s Health Survey for England monitors trends in the nation’s heath and covers a differing variety of topics each year including obesity, smoking, drinking and well-being. The surveys gather data from both adults and children.

London had the highest proportion of people aged sixteen or over meeting the guidelines for aerobic activity at 65 per cent, whilst the West Midlands had the lowest at 53 per cent. On average, 62 per cent of adults in England met the guidelines.

While men were more likely to meet the aerobic activity guidelines than women, the survey also showed that on average men were more sedentary than women when not at their paid work, spending an average of 4.8 hours sitting on a weekday and 5.3 hours on a weekend compared to women’s 4.6 weekday hours and 4.9 weekend hours.

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