Ombudsman’s report finds poor complaint handling and service failures across the NHS

The report focusses on a number of case studies where complaints were not resolved locally, which resulted in the complaints being referred to the Ombudsman service.

One case study found failings in staff communication at Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust that led to a family not being with their mother in her final hours, only being allowed to see her 45 minutes after she died.

Another found that a patient with dementia was left in a trolly in A&E for over 33 hours and then left in an assessment unit for 42 hours. The investigation found that an appropriate care plan was not in place to cater for the patients needs, and the North Staffordshire NHS Trust has now acknowledged and apologised for its failings.

The aim of the report was to highlight the importance of good complaint handling and to help leaders “recognise the valuable opportunities complaints provide to really improve the service they are delivering”.

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