NHS opens up job opportunities to people with learning disabilities.

The new programme comes during Learning Disability Week 2015 (15-19 June) which aims to give people and their families a voice in shaping services. To highlight this, NHS have pledged to increase and improve jobs for those with learning disabilities and help drive change in culture and services.

NHS England will develop a set of guidance and tools to help get policies, processes and practice right in organisations, supported by a set of case studies across organisations that demonstrate the benefits and importance. NHS have also teamed up with Voluntary and Community organisations and Social Enterprises (VCSEs) to develop NHS England Learning Disabilities Forum that offers expertise on recruitment and employment of people with learning disabilities
NHS Chief Executive Simon Steven said: “The NHS family is the biggest employer in the country, and one of the largest in the world. Listening to what people with learning disabilities say about how they want to lead their own lives, now we want to expand the number of NHS employers who successfully harness the talents, expertise and experience of people with learning disabilities."
Paul Wallace, director of Employment Relations & Reward at the NHS Employers organisation, said: “This is a fantastic initiative which can help people have the careers they deserve. Our NHS Employers Disability Summit in May continued to develop this agenda and we need to keep the conversation going. While many organisations have made really good progress, there is more that can be achieved across the NHS as a whole.  By teaming up with NHS England to push this agenda further I am confident that we can achieve real wins for NHS organisations, for patients and for people with learning disabilities.”
Lela Kogbara, Director of the newly-established Learning Disabilities Employment Programme at NHS England said: “This isn’t just the right thing for people with learning disabilities; it’s right for the NHS, helping us to deliver better care for everyone.”

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