DHSC ‘jumping the gun’ on NHS pension changes

The government has been accused of ‘jumping the gun’ by launching a consultation on changes to the NHS pension scheme ahead of recommendations from its own advisory board.

Plans to give top doctors more flexibility to halve their pension contributions were announced at the start of June by Health Secretary Matt Hancock in an attempt to six an ongoing pension issue that is driving consultants and GPs to retire early or reduce their hours.

The Hospital Consultants and Specialist Association, the trade union for hospital doctors, has warned that the Department of Health and Social Care had either ‘jumped the gun or it deliberately set out to create a fait accompli around a reform it knows all doctors, dentists and NHS managers oppose’.

Hancock’s proposals , which have been opposed by doctors, were unveiled while the NHS pension scheme advisory board, which advises the Health Secretary, was considering a much broader range of changes.

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