NHSX formed to push technology in the NHS

NHSX formed to push technology in the NHS

The Government has announced the creation of a new unit, NHSX, which aims to deliver the benefits of modern technology to the NHS.

It will combine representatives from government, the NHS and the private sectorin order to "free up staff time and empower patients to take greater control of their own healthcare"

The government says that the adoption and development of digital systems, data and technology has been slow because responsibility was split across multiple agencies. NHSX aims to bring these together.

NHSX’s responsibilities will include:

• setting national policy and developing best practice for NHS technology, digital and data - including data-sharing and transparency

• setting standards – developing, agreeing and mandating clear standards for the use of technology in the NHS

• ensuring that NHS systems can talk to each other across the health and care system

• helping to improve clinical care by delivering agile, user-focused projects

• supporting the use of new technologies by the NHS, both by working with industry and via its own prototyping and development capability

• ensuring that common technologies and services, including the NHS App, are designed so that trusts and surgeries don’t have to reinvent the wheel each time

• making sure that all source code is open by default so that anyone who wants to write code for the NHS can see what we need

• reforming procurement – helping the NHS buy the right technology through the application of technology standards, streamlined spend controls and new procurement frameworks that support our standards

• setting national strategy and mandating cyber security standards, so that NHS and social care systems have security designed in from the start

• championing and developing digital training, skills and culture so our staff are digital-ready

• delivering an efficient process for technology spend, domain name management and website security

The CEO of NHSX will have strategic responsibility for setting the national direction on technology across organisations. The CEO will be accountable to the Health Secretary and chief executives of NHS England and NHS Improvement.

NHSX will work closely with the Government Digital Service and other central government functions to learn from their experiences and ensure there is continued alignment with the Digital, Data and Technology profession across government.

Matthew Swindells, deputy chief executive of NHS England, said:

"The NHS Long Term Plan builds on the significant progress of the last 3 years and marks a transformational shift to a more digitally focused NHS from the introduction of the NHS App to digitising care across the NHS to joining up GP and hospital records so clinicians treating patients have access to all the information they need, where-ever they are.

"Bringing together the leadership around this exciting agenda in one place will help us deliver the far reaching practical improvements from the Long Term Plan, improve the working lives of NHS staff and deliver better, safer care for patients.

Sarah Wilkinson, chief executive of NHS Digital, said:

"The NHS Long Term Plan describes a hugely ambitious vision for the next generation of the NHS and much of that vision depends on new digital, data and technology capabilities. The program of digital transformation ahead of us is extraordinary in terms of its scale, its complexity and the extent to which it can change lives.

"It will require sophisticated strategic planning, strong leadership and very tight partnership between organisations across the system. This new joint venture between the organisations who currently define digital strategy and commission digital services will create cohesion in these activities by concentrating work and capabilities in one unit.

"Within NHS Digital we view NHSX as an important and welcome initiative and we are absolutely committed to working closely with colleagues in NHSX to make this new venture a success."

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