Report recognises Hertfordshire’s e-rostering system

East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust featured in a recent technology report which praised the level of staff being empowered to take ownership of e-rostering.

Realising the paperless revolution: how rostering in the NHS went digital analysed the use of workforce optimisation technology across the world and examines the innovation taking place at NHS trusts, including two case studies from East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust.

The report highlights that through innovative workforce deployment, the trust has witnessed ‘improvements in agency staff spending, staff engagement and enhanced care’.

Liz Lees, former interim director of nursing at the trust, was quoted in the report: “The most impressive thing about the team is that while there has been an increase in demand for enhanced care, it has reduced temporary staff spending and even decreased the cost of enhanced care. This has been done by flexibly deploying the team to meet the needs of the patients throughout the day to provide high-quality safe care to some of our most vulnerable patients.”

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