Health bosses to reveal extent of NHS overspend

NHS Improvement is set to unveil the deficit figures for England, covering the 2014-15 year.

The news come after it was revealed in December that hospital, ambulance and mental health trusts had already overspent by £2.2 billion. The figure is expected to have grown in the last three months, with experts warning that the financial pressure being placed on hospitals will have an impact on the care being provided.

The figures will account for around two-thirds of the entire £116 billion health budget, but will not cover GPs, training budgets, public health budgets held by councils or any unspent money held by local health managers.

Anita Charlesworth, of the Health Foundation think-tank, said: "The level of deficits in terms of scale and how many hospitals are in deficit is unprecedented. It puts organisations under stress, which makes them fragile and risky.

"There is pressure on recruitment, pressure on management and that has an impact on services. We are already seeing waiting time targets being breached."

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