techUK sets out priorities for digitising health sector

techUK has launched its ‘Manifesto for Matt’ – a report highlighting priorities for digitising the health and social care sector, aimed at Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock.

Hancock has outlined his technology ambitions for the NHS, launching a code of conduct for healthcare data and publishing a vision for the future of healthcare. The Manifesto for Matt sets out priorities for fast-tracking the long overdue digitisation of health and care, focusing on three main areas: empowering the public; enabling a world-class workforce; and making the UK the destination of choice for health tech innovators.

The report will be launched at techUK’s annual Health and Social Care dinner, with Hancock set to address the recommendations in his keynote speech at the dinner.

Ben Moody, head of Health and Social Care at techUK said: “There is broad consensus that the health and care system needs urgent digitisation. This is not about a lack of will – the public and clinicians are crying out for better tech – and the UK has thousands of health tech innovators looking to serve them.
“However, the system is unwieldly and frustrates their efforts. Patients can get hold of drugs but not their own data or digital tools. Far too many of the workforce will leave their digitally-enabled home, put away their smart phone and tablet, and pick up paper and a pen when they arrive at work. And health tech innovators find themselves working in a sector often described as the most challenging of all. The good news is that there is huge momentum throughout the health and care system, from the Secretary of State to the frontline to transform the sector. This presents huge opportunities to work together to transform lives.”

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