ELFT to use 100 per cent renewable energy by April 1st

ELFT to use 100 per cent renewable energy by April 1st

All electricity used by East London NHS Foundation Trust (ELFT ) will come from renewable sources from April 1, the Trust announced on NHS Sustainability Day (March 21)

Wind, solar and wave-generated electricity will now power the Trust as part of its pledge to reduce its carbon footprint.

ELFT is the first NHS trust to register with Crown Commercial Services, the largest public sector energy broker, to secure a 100 per cent renewable electricity contract.

ELFT Energy and Environmental Manager Adam Toll said: "This is tremendous news for the Trust and a genuine demonstration of its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.

"ELFT has more than 100 buildings and this change to using sustainable and renewable energy is the equivalent of up to 400 domestic properties switching to renewables."

The Trust's next major environmental project will be to look at opportunities to use carbon-neutral gas.

Strategic work to reduce its carbon footprint is underpinned with a 'Green ELFT' campaign encouraging individuals across ELFT to take personal responsibility for promoting sustainability.

Green ELFT posters and stickers are displayed at sites across the organisation encouraging staff to think about the small steps they can take to save energy and resources.

Other work to make the Trust a greener organisation includes a large scale recycling implementation, travel planning, the eventual removal of all single-use plastic cups, LED lighting, plant room and boiler insulation and the installation of electric car charging points at the John Howard Centre.

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