Shortage of protective kit prompting quit threats

Ongoing NHS recruitment efforts risk being undermined by the prospect of doctors quitting over fears of inadequate protective equipment, groups representing frontline staff say.

Speaking to the Guardian, Dr Rinesh Parmar, chair of the Doctors’ Association UK, said that the longer the current situation goes on, ‘some doctors may feel they have no choice but to give up the profession they love’.

Doctors and nurses have repeatedly warned that they are being expected to take unacceptable risks as a result of inadequate protective equipment.

Parmar said: “That’s the travesty of this situation, that the government needs to protect frontline health workers and in return they will give 100 per cent. But the government hasn’t kept its side of the bargain with NHS staff by not having enough PPE available to safeguard the health of doctors and nurses.”

The Royal College of Nursing recently warned that the serious shortages of PPE could compel nurses to choose between their jobs and their safety.

Event Diary

Following the 2017 Naylor Report into NHS estates, it has been estimated that estate upkeep costs have reached approximately £10bn in annual funding for 2019/2020.

More recently, ERIC (Estates Returns Information Collection) data collection has contained some deeply alarming news about the condition of NHS buildings and equipment.