Obligatory counter-terror measure in enhanced services contracts for GPs

This comes under the Government's anti-radicalisation scheme 'Prevent'.

GPs have voiced concerns that this will add to the already overwhelming bureaucratic obligations coming from the Health and Social Care Act.

While GPs have previously been asked to identify patients who were 'vulnerable to radicalism', this is the first time they will actively be required to name a counter-terrorism lead in order to secure services.

The contract stipulates that these leads will be expected to read and understand the Prevent strategy and ensure that all practice employees are aware of it.

Former GPC chair Dr Laurence Buckman said: "I think this a silly, totally pointless gimmick and I can see no inherent value in asking people who know nothing about something that is extremely serious to do this."

Southampton GP Dr John Glasspool said: "I don’t see what role a GP should play in preventing radical Islam... we will lose the trust of our Muslim patients and it also raises the issue of patient confidentiality."

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