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The people of your community depend on you to deliver the care they need, 24/7. Honeywell helps protect your facilities around-the-clock so you can focus on your patients — patients who count on you every day of the week.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of security technologies, Honeywell has been developing innovative security solutions for more than 50 years. That’s peace of mind for you — and the individuals, families and communities you serve.

Honeywell Security is a leading global provider of access control, intruder detection, video surveillance and integrated security solutions for the commercial markets. We focus on delivering innovative security products and services across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

Giving our customers the power to make buildings healthier, safer and more secure by providing secure cloud-based ecosystems that are available at any time, from anywhere.

Accessible, cloud-connected solutions. Compatibility with current equipment. Protocols that play well with others. Systems designed around you to meet your unique needs. Reducing daily disruptions, MAXPRO® Cloud makes it easier to manage and monitor critical security and business intelligence needs - on the go. This allows you to continue focusing on your bottom line, from wherever you need to be.

Healthcare and hospital security officials are tasked with proactively protecting hospital patients, visitors, and staff. As a result of the concerns surrounding the recent pandemic, hospital officials are adopting technologies that help people avoid touching as many things as possible. Reducing contact with potentially contaminated surfaces is key and staff must be extra vigilant to avoid the spread of germs and mitigate against disease.

The ability to maintain a required level of security with minimal or no interference to human behaviour at any access point facilitates efficient operation while minimising risk of exposure to all occupants. Facial recognition, biometric and Bluetooth readers, passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors, and touch-free request-to-exit buttons all help reduce physical contact with frequently touched surfaces. Eliminating physical access cards or keypads at entryways and exits and replacing it with contactless technology can help minimise the risk of exposure to contagions, improve the occupant experience and maintain a high level of security in the building. Many hospitals have implemented facial recognition technology eliminating the need for healthcare workers to swipe badges or type in codes to verify their credentials. Now, authorised workers can be given access to facilities—or certain rooms—simply by showing their face. But hospitals and healthcare providers find that it’s just as important to track visitors as it is to keep up with staff.

In a large facility, technologies provided by Honeywell and our industry leading third-party partners can make visitor management easier to maintain. Patients and visitors can be emailed a barcode to their phone or scan a QR code prior to their visit for truly frictionless access. Keeping automatic doors and entrance systems running smoothly is essential to ensuring efficient access and maintaining hygiene. Touchless wave plates, wireless lock sets and biometric readers allow for doors to be operated without touching a door handle, which helps reduce the risk of spreading pathogens in such facilities.

As a prime example, Honeywell was recently approached by a large regional healthcare provider who wanted to integrate their patient recording procedure with their existing Pro-Watch® system to maintain a list of approved visitors who could visit new-borns. In the past, when people came in, they had to enrol their information by physically touching a fingerprint reader. As part of this project, the biometric readers at the site were replaced with IDEMIA MorphoWave readers, which keeps biometric capabilities in place but offers touchless functionality. The system takes the information on friends and family and automatically adds it to the hospital’s approved visitor list. When approved visitors arrive, they simply “wave” at the reader and are granted access. In this case, contactless biometric acquisition enables the system to identify an individual and allows secure, controlled “frictionless” entry.

Keep your facility operational, even in a crisis or pandemic
Ensure your facility stays operational during a crisis. We’ll help you identify your site’s strengths, challenges and the changes that offer the most value, like system integration or ways to help limit the spread of pathogens.

Building the Connected Hospital of the future
With Honeywell’s integrated technology platform for healthcare, hospitals and clinics can become healthier, safer, more efficient and more profitable, with an IT infrastructure that’s future ready.

Protecting patients also means protecting data
You can’t afford a cybersecurity breach at any time. Keep your staff focused and confident by ensuring systems and data are safe. Our team of 250 cyber experts build security and privacy into every solution we deploy, and we can help you too. Cybersecurity is an integral fabric of our business, whether it’s the products we develop, third-party integrations we enable, or a portfolio of software and services we offer to our clients.

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