Added challenges stretch NHS capacity

2020 has brought added challenges to the NHS. Managing winter pressures and restoring services to full capacity will stretch hospitals and staff even further. With your “can-do” patient focus, Hospitals are investing significant effort into new ways to treat patients. Perhaps these are virtual appointments, or physical redesign to minimise the ongoing risk of infection.

Always easy for patients

DNAs are wasteful, we know that every missed appointment matters!  Netcall’s Patient Hub is designed to make it easy for patients. They instantly get their appointment time, date and place and any letters and leaflets. They can confirm, rebook and cancel any type of appointment, online. Or, they can ask to speak to someone if they need support. And, with a click of a button they can add their appointment to their diaries.

Video: Attend Anywhere, phone calls or in person

Video and telephone appointments are here to stay. It can be confusing for patients, so Patient Hub makes each type of appointment clear. It adds in the link for the Attend Anywhere video appointment too!  

Digital = significant savings

Digitising paper-based letters, bypasses postal delays giving hospitals information in real-time.  

  • Case studies show a 60 to 90% digital take up by patients.
  • Within hours you’ll know: who will attend, what slots are free and how you can cut waiting lists.  
  • Our SMS and email reminders continue to support patients remember and attend.

Hospitals are already making big savings using this integrated digital communications portal. They cut print and post too! Our stats show by bringing 60% of your patients online, you can make postage cost savings of 69% over 5 years.

Real-time attendance information

Patient Hub fully integrates with your Hospital PAS using HL7, and with permission can perform updates too.

Symptom checker and I’ve arrived for in person appointments.

As hospitals open up in-person appointments, site safety comes into focus. Working with Trusts we’ve created a symptom checker and I’ve arrived. The symptom checker routinely checks for COVID symptoms before every patient leaves home for an in-person appointment. Keep your site safe and avoid wasted patient journeys. Once they have arrived, they check-in remotely and reception sees their arrival on the dashboard. As soon as space is available, the receptionist asks them to come to the waiting room.

Take the stress of Test results away from your front-line teams.

This secure proactive messaging solution is used for COVID-19 tests or any other results. It automatically updates patients as their test outcomes move from pending to negative or positive. It is cloud-based and can be deployed quickly as a stand-alone or as part of Patient Hub.

Need clinical messaging and FFT surveys? Ask us about our Patient Hub messaging and Friends and family surveys.

What NHS peers say:

“Netcall’s Patient hub is really easy to use and it’s a real transformation – the first step in our journey towards a patient-held health record” – Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

“Presently we are aiming to obtain a 30% DNA reduction, which should equate to £1 million saving annually”. Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

“The cost savings, estimated at £150-200k per year are significant, but much more important is the powerful reporting, which shows us whether a patient has accepted their appointment or not” – University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust.

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At a glance: Benefits of Patient Hub

  • Patient peace of mind, secure 2 factor authentication
  • Patients can use any device and confirm, rebook or cancel appointments 24/7
  • Support going paperless and reduce admin time and 60%+ of postal costs
  • Improve patients video appointment attendance with included log-in
  • Inform booking agents with real-time information of any freed slots to reduce waiting times
  • Reduce DNA rates with tailored reminders
  • Offer channel choice SMS, email, portal, webchat, voice or letter
  • Improve staff morale with as their time is free to focus on what matters most.

What makes Netcall different?

We’re proud of serving 75% of NHS Acute Trusts over a 20+ year history. We focus supporting your hospital to deliver excellent patient experience in a cost-effective way. And, with a positive and rapid ROI. Our goal is to maximise your IT investments. We are vendor agnostic and fully support integration. Patient experiences are radically transformed without launching big, expensive transformation programs, extra work for IT, blown budgets or core system replacement. Read more about us and ask us how…

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