Advantech intelligent Healthcare

Medical Grade Computing Platforms

Advantech, since 1983, has already almost 40 years of experience delivering comprehensive, high-performance computing systems to the medical market.

All of its medical computing platforms are designed to satisfy demanding, mission-critical goals to enhance the quality and efficiency of healthcare.

They surpass the performance of commercial computers and are much more attractive to hospitals because they are designed and built to meet tough standards such as UL60601-1 and EN60601-1 for medical safety approval, IPX1 certification for dust and water drip-proof enclosures, and a CCC certification for electronic product safety. This makes Advantech’s iHealthcare products medical grade and are certified to be used next to critical operations in a hospital environment.

Our product portfolio includes medical computing systems, medical panel PCs/AIOs, medical tablet PCs, mobile solutions, surgical monitors sand video management systems. Being a manufacturer with strong customization capability and experience in medical grade systems we can develop with you from the very start.

Advantech provides long-term support and its products are reliable with quick and easy installation. Its headquarters for Europe is located in Breda, The Netherlands. Reach out to us via email:

Critical Care Solutions

Critical care is typically provided in intensive care units (ICUs), emergency departments, surgical areas and trauma centers, where highly sophisticated equipment and medical-grade computing systems are used to monitor patients’ vital signs in real time. These real-time monitoring systems translate the collected physiological data into clinical information that assists healthcare professionals .
Key features of Advantech’s POC-series, medical grade panel PCs:

  • 23.8” Display 1920x1080 10-point P-CAP touch control
    Intel® Core™ i7-8665UE (8M cache, up to 4.40 GHz)
  • Supports M.2 2230 WiFi/BT and M.2 NVME storage, speakers & RFID, Smart Card Reader / Camera / Back-up Battery optional
  • Security TPM 1.2/2.0 (Default 2.0 via software)
  • Supports Windows 10 IoT (64Bit) & Linux
  • Add-on Hot-Swapping Battery Module (180W)
  • DC-in or AC-in power input

Video & Imaging Management Solutions for intelligent operating rooms

With the increased complexity of surgical procedures, several factors including the use of diverse image sources, lack of surgical technique storage systems, and external communication difficulties are reducing the efficiency of operating room workflows. Advantech’s AVAS solutions support real-time image and video streaming, centralized control, remote teaching and consultation, and cloud-based management in order to streamline operating room workflows and improve overall efficiency.

Surgical displays Surgical displays can be used as monitors during image-guided surgery or for presenting critical patient information in the operating room, where precise display specifications are required due to the particular environment. From the smallest 19 inch to the largest 55 inch, Advantech PAX series has a comprehensive range of surgical displays. With the combination of the latest and highest display technologies and the wide connectivity including SDI and single-mode fiber optic interface AVAS (Advantech Video Archiving & Streaming).

  • Key Features:
  • View angle 178° / 178°
  • Native luminance 350 & 800 cd/m2 version
  • Color depth 10-bit 1.07B colors
  • DICOM Part 14 compliant
  • 14-Bit LUT processing
  • Supports HDMI 2.0 / DP 1.2 / DVI / SDI / S-Video / USB for Touch as option (Optional 3Gx4 SDI or 12G SDI)
  • Optional with Build-in AVAS encoder and decoder

All-in-One Bedside monitors for Patient Monitoring, Nursing Care & Patient infotainment

There is a trend towards real-time, paperless and film-free patient monitoring, nursing care, bedside patient infotainment and medical record tracking.

The bed-side terminal benefits medical staff by providing secure access to electronic patient data remotely with an optimized hospital workflow as a professional diagnosis aid. They can be used for health management activities such as alerting staff of changes, looking up electronic patient records, displaying lab results and tests, monitoring vital signs and document treatment.

Patient infotainment refers to a variety of bedside terminals that allow patients to watch TV, make phone calls, play games or communicate via the internet. They can be used for email, web browsing, accessing hospital intranets, or even work (depending on the patient’s condition). They can also control beds, lighting and curtains.

Mobile Nursing Care Advantech’s medical-grade tablets support multiple operating systems and wireless communication to ensure unlimited mobility for medical deployments. The inclusion of diversion I/O allows optional peripherals to be integrated to extend the system functions for a wide range of healthcare applications. They feature IP65-reated protection from dust and water ingress and have been drop-tested from a height of 120 cm to ensure reliable operation. The inclusion of a long-life battery supports at least 8 hours of uninterrupted operation.

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