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As case loads increase, digital dentistry shows a way forward to streamline the dental workflow and provide fast and efficient in-house solutions to the most complex of problems. At its heart, Awesome Technology Ltd provides the ability to provide ‘same and next day’ production of accurate dental appliances. This often-vaunted dream is now a reality in many dental clinic situations both inside and outside the laboratory environment.

By substituting the traditional plaster cast shapes with digital models produced by an intraoral scanner, the dentist is able to speedily produce a highly accurate dental model around which items like crowns, bridges, retainers, aligners and retainers can be made. Using readily available software for treatment planning and design the final appliance can be produced in-house, thanks to a range of modern 3D printers.

This has been made possible by the evolution of biocompatible resins that are not only acceptable to modern day demands but also speedy in being cured from the liquid form to a durable solid in short rapid time. The 3D printers use a range of ultra-violet technologies to cure the resin layer by layer that finally forms the intricate and complex shapes required in dentistry.

The 3D Printing process now has specialisations in orthodontics, dentures, implants and temporary teeth production as well as their design an fitting. In addition items such as bleaching trays, surgical guides, temporary restorations, indirect bonding trays, splints and guards can also be made quickly available. Largely dependant on the resins used, we can advise and supply for any solution.

We distribute world famous SprintRay, Shining 3D, Exocad software and other digital dentistry solutions around Europe, through our Feniqx subsidiary and qualified resellers. In all cases we stock parts and accessories for all the products in both the UK and Italy.

Awesome Technology supplies, warrants and repair their devices carrying both spares and consumables such as resins and tools needed to wash and cure the resultant appliances. We make our own tests on machines, materials and software to bring fist hand experiences to end users as well as trialing new solutions. The drawback to rapid changes in technology and processes can be that their full comprehension, the advantages of one type over another and the range of materials seen as a little daunting. Awesome Technology are very used to the typical (and sometimes abnormal) multiple questions for which answers are normally needed to progress.

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