Baxter ICNET: Supporting COVID-19 Public Health Response

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has presented even the most developed and efficient healthcare systems with unprecedented challenges. Baxter’s ICNET Clinical Surveillance Platform features two products that can assist in the immediate- and longer-term.

Baxter’s ICNET Clinical Surveillance Platform delivers nearly 20 years of real-world experience offering expertise in epidemic outbreak reporting, investigation and management to help healthcare providers and public health bodies effectively manage an evolving global public health challenge.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has presented even the most developed and efficient healthcare systems with unprecedented challenges as they’ve had to adapt quickly to manage its suppression.

Even as we make headway, public health teams continue to implement strategies that will play an important role for the foreseeable future, such as ongoing contract tracing, surveillance testing, and preparation for a future COVID-19 vaccination program.

The ICNET National Suite features two products that can assist in the immediate- and longer-term. Outbreak Manager can help with ongoing management of the pandemic, while Protect can support the vaccination program for COVID-19.

ICNET Outbreak Manager

There is evidence suggesting that instituting public health interventions for COVID-19 on time can help to reduce transmission, whereas a late response can delay containment and allow further spread. (1) Outbreak Manager can provide information needed to support timely implementation of essential interventions.

  • Data are captured quickly and robustly for timely analysis, to help facilitate speed of intervention.
  • Outbreaks involve huge amounts of complex data. Outbreak Manager sorts through surveillance data to identify early the clusters of infection that can constitute an outbreak.
  • Its built-in workflow enables health responders to capture the details of an outbreak in near real-time, enabling management throughout its timeline.
  • In-built data analysis tools, such as epi curves, again support timely analysis and intervention.
  • Drilling down into the data, it has visualisation tools to help highlight the chains of transmission and the timeline of infection clusters (TICL)
  • It has a comprehensive dashboard to view the progression of the outbreak; this gives easy access to data needed to inform public health strategy and interventions.

Public health bodies also understand that strategies, such as contact tracing and surveillance testing, will remain the way forward for the foreseeable future. (2) Outbreak Manager can continue to support suppression of COVID-19 by offering functionalities that assist these strategies.

ICNET Protect

Development of a COVID-19 vaccine remains a top priority of the global pandemic response. When a vaccine becomes available, nations will need to manage its rapid deployment where speed is of the essence. Public health experts can take steps now to prepare for the coming challenge of delivering vaccinations to many people at one or more locations in a short interval of time. Protect was developed with the technological capability and capacity to enable public health experts to deliver a well-coordinated program when the time comes. Protect is designed for large-scale vaccination management, including mass vaccinations across whole populations for new vaccine or routine immunisations. It was developed to help manage the large-scale, fast-moving scenarios associated with response to pandemic threats.

Protect helps facilitate the entire process from ad-hoc clinic set up, to resource management, to vaccine administration. It also delivers role-specific information to the various healthcare providers involved in the vaccination program.

Protect is scalable for users’ specific needs – from individual facilities to whole population administration, with configurability to target appropriate members as needed. Other capabilities include support for clinic staffing and rostering for ad-hoc scenarios; tools for management and inventory of vaccine stock supplies; and visual work boards that enable users to coordinate and track progress of the vaccination program from start to finish.

The ICNET Clinical Surveillance Platform encompasses two differentiated product suites that support integrated disease surveillance to facilitate the goals of their respective users and drive desired outcomes within the populations at risk.

ICNET National Suite supports public health communicable disease professionals at the mass population level, while ICNET Hospital Suite supports infection prevention professionals within the healthcare facility setting.

UKI/MG128/20-0015 05/20
1. Zhanwei, D et al., 2020. Proactive Social Distancing Mitigates COVID-19 Outbreaks Within A Month Across 58 Mainland China Cities. [online] Available here.
2. Devlin, C., 2020. Coronavirus: PM Jacinda Ardern Says There Will Be Contact Tracing for Foreseeable Future. [online] Stuff. Available here.

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