Contour is acutely aware of the enormous demands placed upon health care service providers, ranging from the constantly increasing pressure to provide buildings fit for purpose, ever present budget and staffing pressures to the intense on-going media coverage surrounding MRSA and other Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI).

We work closely with all channel participants from general and facilities managers, infection control teams, architects, M&E consultants through to contractors and installers, to ensure the cost-effective and best practice deployment of products and services.

BioCote® Protection – Exclusive To Contour

Uniquely amongst LST guard manufacturers, Contour incorporates BioCote® anti-microbial protection into the paintwork of all our LST radiator guards as standard.

This technology provides effective and permanent protection to the surface of the LST radiator guard, preventing the growth of harmful microbes such as bacteria and fungi. BioCote® technology protects product surfaces from microbes, helping in the fight against the spread of infection.

BioCote® provides protection that makes Contour radiator guards inherently more hygienic, making our products ideal for hospitals, schools, nurseries, care homes and waiting rooms. This level of protection does not replace cleaning, as cleaning should always be done.

However, it can help reduce the risk of cross-contamination, as there are fewer microbes on the surface that could be transferred to other surfaces.

DeepClean LST Radiators – They Pay For Themselves

The DeepClean LST radiator guard is constructed using a patented, quick release hinged door. This allows the front of the casing to be laid flat to the floor and provides an operative easy access to clean the radiator.

The door is so robust that it can be stood upon if necessary without resulting in any structural damage. The hinge design also facilitates complete removal of the door if required.  

Traditional LST radiators are often not designed to give access for cleaning and maintenance and can require more than one person to remove the cover; Contour LST radiators are.

With this design, the radiators can be cleaned faster, by just one person instead of two. The average time to clean a traditional LST Radiator is roughly 30 minutes, including disassembling, cleaning and reassembling the entire structure. A Contour LST Radiator takes just 10 minutes.

As NHS guidelines state that radiators in hospitals and healthcare environments are cleaned at least once a week, reducing the amount of time and personnel required to maintain a safe heating solution for the space could save money.

Colour Psychology

Colour can play a big part when it comes to recovering in environments where patients can feel vulnerable. To discover how important colour can be read our colour psychology E-Book.

Contour Heating believe in making colour coordination a primary factor of thought in the way that we supply our products.

While many of our customers are happy with a standard white radiator or guard, we have also carried out many jobs in which colour specification was at the forefront of customer concerns when bringing new radiator covers into their environment.

These include health care settings for dementia patients in need of calming environments.

Through close consultation with you, we can make recommendations using our expertise to ensure that the right colours are coordinated with your needs.

We know that recommending a bright blue radiator guard to a facility treating those with eating disorders would be wholly inappropriate because of its suppressing effect on appetite, so we would never do so.

This is just one example of the in-depth colour expertise that you can expect from our heating team.

Leighton Hospital

A hospital visit can be a distressing experience for young children, particularly if it involves a stay in a ward for any length of time.

Not only do the children have to contend with unfamiliar people, but they have to deal with strange and unfamiliar buildings and rooms. This can raise levels of anxiety which is not conducive to wellbeing and recovery.

The Leighton-based team created an innovative scheme for the rooms that used large format prints of wildlife in different forest and jungle settings, applied to the walls behind beds and supported by soft natural colours on walls, panels and fixtures – including the LST radiators in the ward.

Contour was delighted to help bring this scheme to life by finishing most of the DeepClean LST radiator guards in the wards, in RAL Green 6019.

The green of the guards blends perfectly with the floor covering and is complementary to the blue panelling used behind the wall mounted washbasins and taps, situated in many of the rooms. The overall effect creates a calming and tranquil setting for children’s recuperation.

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Our heating experts will be more than happy to assist you on your project. All site surveys are free of charge as an integral part of the comprehensive service Contour provides.

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