Customised Solutions - barely visible, felt all the more

Companies need one thing first and foremost where highly specialised cables in medicine technology are concerned: safety.

They need to be sure that they will receive tried and tested solutions in the best quality – simply “Made in Germany”.

And they need to know that their innovative solutions place them at the very front of the market and development.

In particular the medical area requires highest reliability, from practice-oriented development to quality-controlled production, timely delivery, and after-sales service that can be reached at all times.

Our MCT offers exactly that for the finest of cables:

COMPETENCE IN µ… N/mm²… Ohm/m

Experience and technical know-how are a specific part of our offering: We produce fine and very fine cables and strands with low twist and tension, with and without plastic coating. Our default materials include 1.4401, 1.4404, and 1.4441. On request, we can offer any other strandable materials, such as titanium, nitinol, chromium-cobalt, and many others. The plastic coating is applied in-house with biocompatible materials, under consideration of special applications (e.g. for temporary heart electrodes). Current-conducting cables and strands (e.g. for heart electrodes and needle electrodes) are made of materials and in sizes to match the requirements to direct current resistance. Our sophisticated QM system subjects all products to a strict cleaning, production, and inspection procedure. This results in high-precision parts of an extraordinarily high quality.


Possible dimensions:

  • Without plastic coating: 0.09 – 4.6 mm
  • With plastic coating: 0.30 – 5.0 mm


  • Guide strands, e.g. for stomach tubes
  • Guide strands for heart electrodes
  • Strands for sutures
  • Strands for vein strippers
  • Gigli saw
  • Strands for endoscopic applications
  • Cables for endoscopic applications
  • Bipolar or quadripolar guide strands
  • Bundled line strands in plastic tubes


Comprehensive quality measures, such as integrated measuring and inspection facilities, a state-of-the-art QM system, or material and production documentation for seamless tracking are the default in our high-precision products. These measures are based on long experience: Our history started with hand-drawn wires more than 120 years ago. Their quality made the company – still called “bedea” at the time – grow. Among other things, we partnered with Thyssen group. The development partnerships with customers in various areas has led to MCT being placed outstandingly as a competent know-how leader in all of its fields today … and more determined than ever to help design the future.

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