Healthcare is evolving through digitalisation and widening network capacity whilst simultaneously collecting a greater range and depth of data. The NHS is the largest integrated healthcare provider in the world with a supply chain consisting of more than 80,000 suppliers. The amalgamation of different estates, the multiplicity of legacy systems and the diversity of technology, people, processes and culture makes it a hugely complex environment. This is also vulnerable to Cyber Security attacks including data breaches where sensitive patient records may be attained for extortion, disruption or resale on the dark web. The current heightened political tensions and state sponsored cyber-crime only add fuel to this already challenging mix. In this evolving environment, it is imperative UK health organisations recognise the need to proactively manage and constantly review their Cyber Security posture as widely advocated by the NCSC for all the CNI sector.

Established back in early 2018, Precursor have grown rapidly to become a leading Cyber Security provider. Headquartered in the UK, we provide a wide range of Cyber security services including Penetration Testing, Cloud Security assessments, Continuous Security Testing, Cyber Essentials, End Point Detection and Response,Backup & Restore solutions and much more.

We have all become very aware of the threat to IT from cyber-attacks over the last few years. Industries such as Banking have been particularly exposed and have introduced multi-layered security capabilities, particularly to prevent the loss of customer data.

SEP2 are a team of cyber security specialists helping organisations in the public and private sector protect their data, users, systems and networks.

Templar Executives is recognised for our pioneering Cyber Security work. We continue to successfully engage across all areas of the healthcare ecosystem, from NHS Boards to frontline staff and suppliers.

On 25 November 2021, The Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB) published a safety report1 into the impact of incorrect patient identification.

To truly protect your IT environment and sensitive data, you need to think and act just like the cyber criminals trying to break into your networks. At Nene Cyber Security, our skilled, CREST-certified penetration testers will simulate real-world attacks on your IT infrastructure to put your defences through their paces, identify potential vulnerabilities and investigate how these can be exploited to penetrate your network and systems.

RevBits are a dynamic Cyber Security firm with the broadest range of core Cyber products on the market today from any one stack.

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