Security Challenges in the Healthcare Industry
We all appreciate that healthcare facilities and services face a variety of challenges including Security.   With lots of movements of staff, contractors, patients, and visitors - securing valuable assets, medications, personal property and critical data is of a high priority.  Monitoring the use of controlled drugs can be an additional challenge.   

We all know the challenges of finance – but what if there was a way to not only improve security at all mechanical locking points – whilst tracking and controlling access to critical areas – in a cost-effective way that has proven to save time and money?   What if we could remove the burden of managing endless bunches of Keys – and streamline the administration of authorised access?   That is exactly what we have done for many industries over 20 years – using the award-winning and unique CyberLock system.

CyberLock is virtually tailor-made for the healthcare industry.  The CyberLock system provides controlled access at all mechanical locking points and tracks every access attempt – keeping employees and contractors accountable and meeting industry guidelines.

With CyberLock, you can:

  • Secure Medicine Cabinets and track Controlled Substances
  • Protect Sensitive Lab Equipment
  • Secure Mobile Units
  • Increase Healthcare Record accountability
  • Secure essential IT facilities
  • Reduce internal revenue losses
  • Carry one key that can be programmed to open one or all necessary locks, with full date and schedule parameters.

The Main Features of CyberLock:
Easy installation – with over 400 lock designs that retrofit into a wide variety of existing hardware, making installation quick and seamless
Never re-Key again – since one Key can be used on many thousands of Locks, and you have total control over when access will be allowed.   Lost or compromised Keys can be prevented from entry.  Possession of Keys can be validated by PIN.

Eliminate duplication concerns – since CyberLock employs unique access codes that bind a cylinder to a key in one system, meaning CyberKeys are not susceptible to mechanical duplication like traditional master keys.

Control and Schedule Access – using the powerful CyberAudit management software which allows lock and key permissions to be changed effortlessly by authorised Administrators, or by integration with existing hard-wired systems.

Physical Security – since each CyberLock cylinder has a unique sealed design that negates standard lock picking techniques.   This makes CyberLock the ideal solution for high security applications, including controlled drug management and critical data storage areas.

How it works: A simple Step by Step process

Step 1: CyberLocks simply replace your existing locks
No wiring is needed.  Installation is as simple as removing the original mechanical cylinder and replacing it with the CyberLock equivalent.   You can implement CyberLocks according to priorities as they arise – and expand your system over time.  CyberLocks provide instant and total control over access.
Step 2: Assign a CyberKey to a user
Each Key is programmed with access privileges and holds a list of the locks the user may open, with a schedule of days and times when access is allowed.   For example, the key can be programmed to allow access during an employee’s shift and deny access outside these times.  It can also be programmed to expire on a specific date at a specific time – for increased security.

Step 3: Access Locks
When a CyberKey meets a CyberLock, the cylinder is energised and an information exchange takes place to determine if the Key has access to that specific lock.   The event and time are stored in both the lock and the key.  Lock cylinders and keys also record when an unauthorised attempt to open a lock occurred.

Step 4: Download and Review Audit Trails
Audit trails are automatically collected each time a Key is updated using any of an assorted range of Communicators, such as wall-mounted Keypads.  Expiring Keys regularly ensures users frequently validate their Keys, which can include the input of a PIN only known to them.  Updating a Key will also load any new access privileges to the Key.   The Audit Trails may be customised to suit individual circumstances.

We have many Worldwide examples of how CyberLock has transformed the way in which previously time-consuming and costly security activities are managed, and now made more effective.  We would be delighted to meet with you and explore how CyberLock may help your Security challenge.

CyberLock – Overview

Some CyberKeys (8 models available)
These include WiFi, Bluetooth and USB enabled options.

Some CyberLocks (over 400 models available)
These include all standard UK door locks, padlocks and switches.

Update Facilities (over 8 different models available)
These include automated Key-vending options for limiting the number of Keys that are needed.

Management Software (Enterprise version with over 10 specialist modules available)
The management software can be accessed from PCs or Tablets with appropriate 2 Factor Authorisation.


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