Debt Recovery Plus

Debt Recovery Plus is the leading provider of debt recovery services to the private parking industry. Established as a family business in Ashton-under-Lyne in 2009, we quickly cemented our position as the specialist debt recovery service for private parking companies, supporting our clients in maintaining revenue levels and providing an effective deterrent for anti-social parking across the UK. As industry specialists we understand the unique challenges faced in recovering private parking charges, and we support our robust collections strategy with the capability to support our clients as they pursue debtors through the litigation process.

Our approach to debt recovery focuses on educating motorists in the legitimacy and enforceability of parking charges. Our dedicated and knowledgeable Collections team are focused on providing an excellent customer experience while maintaining a high collection rate through dealing with debtors as individuals and explaining their responsibility to pay. We support motorists to make payments in the most convenient way for them, offering a range of payment options including online payments, phone payments, payments by post, and direct bank transfers. We are also able to offer payment plans for debtors who are committed to paying their debt but unable to meet the full repayment in one instalment. Our trace capabilities follow up on “gone away” motorists who may have changed address since the contravention date, and help us to address even aged debts effectively and compliantly. Our Collections agents are trained to deal with vulnerable debtors, and to signpost motorists who are experiencing difficulty paying towards debt advice services. Our ethical approach, combined with our industry expertise, has secured us the highest payment success rate in the industry.

Beyond individual motorists, our Special Collections team works directly with hiring, leasing, and fleet companies to address difficult-to-collect debts. This approach gives us access to debts that may otherwise prove unrecoverable, with some fantastic results for our clients.

As authorised members of the British Parking Association and the International Parking Community, we are proud to contribute to the future success and growth of the parking industry as a whole. Our strong industry ties also help us to stay fully apprised of the key commercial and strategic interests of our clients, and to work closely with our clients to further their development. Furthermore, we work closely with Disabled Motorists UK and People’s Parking to promote the importance of accessibility for all motorists to our clients and to the wider public. We understand the role that private parking companies have in enforcing accessibility requirements, and work with our clients to extend and develop support for motorists with differing needs. We are also mindful of the need to comply with all relevant laws and legislation to ensure we are providing a compliant service to our clients and their debtors, and our specialist Compliance team works to continually review and update our policies and processes in line with best practice.

Debt Recovery Plus are proud to be part of the Bristow & Sutor Group. With our fellow group companies, Bristow & Sutor and Credit Style, we provide a holistic debt recovery, enforcement, and litigation service to private and public clients across the UK. With over fifty years combined experience in debt services, our group represents the highest standard of debt recovery and enforcement in the UK, providing our clients with confidence that their debts are in the safest hands as we continually work to develop our services and provide the best possible support.

Debt Recovery Plus are proud to exhibit at the Health Business Awards, recognising excellence in the National Health Service. This year has been unlike any other in our recent history, and we are excited to support Health Business as they celebrate the incredible efforts of our NHS in supporting our national community throughout the current crisis. As providers of debt recovery services to a number of the private parking companies who maintain NHS car parks, we are dedicated to ensuring staff, patients and visitors have fair and equal access to parking facilities. We wish all the nominees the very best, and send our congratulations to the winners.