Endorse, Reducing International Recruitment Fees by 50%

Endorse CEO and Founder Matthew Richards has built an ethical recruitment model that gets the balance 100% right. Cost-effective quality healthcare recruitment that protects international talent, with no fees for employers until they are safely on the ground.

Endorse is changing the recruitment landscape with a new community of international Agents spanning 12 key recruitment locations. Bonded together by ethics and the Endorse Code of Practice this ‘One Stop’ supplier universe competes far beyond the current narrow group of agents based in the UK.

Employers simply connect with the vetted and approved Agent ecosystem via www.endorsejobs.com to receive the fastest, most accurate campaign proposals at the best cost. Alternatively Endorse can take on all the legwork with their unique ‘One Contract’ option.

More Ethics and More Economies

'Endorse have been pivotal in offering us a bespoke service which has introduced us to alternative legitimate nursing agencies from overseas. Matthew’s continued support as a conduit between ourselves and the agency has enabled our Trust to manage overseas recruitment not only in a more cost-effective way, but ensures the quality and recruitment experience of every nurse remains the focal point.'

Julie Chapman, Head of Resourcing Cambridge University Hospital, NHS


How to win in our global landscape

In the UK alone there are over 51,000 nursing vacancies with a worldwide shortfall in excess of 9 million. With such fierce competition for healthcare workers it was more essential than ever to create a winning global ecosystem.

The UK’s recruitment of overseas nurses has shown mixed results. UK based suppliers have narrowed the access needed to qualified skilled nursing talent while driving up recruitment fees.

Endorse counters these problems by opening up the international recruitment market to an optimal number of reputable and ethical Agents across 12 key World Health Organisation approved territories. The agile highly responsive model allows all ethical agencies to compete openly and freely, while reducing employer recruitment fees by up to 50%.


‘Fairer, Safer and Simpler’ The Endorse International Recruitment Model

International healthcare recruitment had to become fairer, safer and simpler. It went against all business sense that some of the best agents across the world were struggling to respond to international employers due to unfamiliar processes and recruitment contracts.

‘The news of the UK opening up NHS recruitment for international Nurses was received with delight by Qualified Nursing Graduates of India. However we at Naipunnya International found it challenging to respond to the complex requirements of the NHS in a professional way.

It was a real breakthrough for us to get the support of Endorse, and in particular Matt. He expertly guided us through the polices and formalities of the NHS and together we have secured successful recruitment campaigns for the past 2 years.'

Tomi Joseph & Shyni Jose, Managing Directors, Naipunnya International, Kerala, India

Disrupting and rebuilding the global recruitment framework

Endorse have built a ‘One Stop’ recruitment framework, a paradigm shift to unlock the global market built on three key pillars – ethical practice, technology and experience.

1. Ethical Practice

'Endorse has developed a unique framework to ensure all partners practice ethically and with compassion. The Endorse values and WHO compliant Code of Practice sets the standard to ensure all candidates gain a great experience and the employer’s reputation is retained.'

Matthew Richards, Founder & CEO of Endorse

  • Everyone is unique and must be treated with compassion.
  • Act with loyalty and fairness in order to cultivate success.
  • Treat everybody with respect, honesty and transparency.
  • Practice ethically and with integrity, so that competent talent can deliver. compassionate care.

2. Best in Class Technology

Endorse uses the latest technology to attract, screen, select and verify overseas nurses, providing employers with an efficient and cost-effective model of recruitment.

  • Video job adverts
  • Candidate management system
  • Recorded video screening and interviews
  • Sharing interviews for rating and decision making
  • Documentation uploading and verification
  • Candidate tracking and reporting

3. Experience

Endorse CEO and founder Matt Richards is an executive nurse and skilled talent leader:

'I worked with Matthew during an NHS recruitment programme in the Philippines.  From start to finish Matthew was an absolute professional, supporting the team from both a personal and professional angle.  

Nothing was too much trouble, from ensuring that the recruitment team were fully briefed, to advising on the local customs and cultures, and assisting whenever there were difficult decisions to be made.

Matthew is efficient and highly organised, an approach that helped us successfully recruit over 50 Registered Nurses in one week.  Without Endorse this would not have been possible.  Paul Rafferty, Head of Nursing at the NHS'


Choosing the right support at the right time

There are two easy ways to reach the global market through Endorse

1. ‘One Stop’ portal to work directly with global Agents.

Use the online directory www.endorsejobs.com and connect with agents directly via the safe online network, spanning 12 key global destinations.

Vetted ethical agents refer high calibre healthcare professionals onto the Endorse platform, allowing employers to easily identify and efficiently find the very best talent.

2. ‘One Contract’ Endorse Partnership Management services
As a prime recruitment partner Endorse communicate and negotiate with agencies all over the world.
Simplify HR and procurement with the ‘One Contract’ solution - clear standardised contracts valid with multiple agencies across the world.

Expert international partnership management designed to dramatically reduce governance and overhead costs.


How do Agents join Endorse?

Endorse Agents are submitted to a thorough vetting process; including their adherence and commitment to the Endorse Code of Practice. Once approved Agents are able to: list their agency, events and healthcare jobs, collect candidate and employer reviews.

They are now ready to bid for new job orders, rapidly and efficiently responding to job tenders via clear proposal templates supplied by Endorse


What happens when a job order is submitted to www.endorsejobs.com?

All employers are equally required to sign up to the Endorse Code of Practice. Every job order submitted online is expertly and efficiently checked for accuracy by the Endorse team.  Once verified, job orders are distributed to the most appropriate agents.

Should employers wish to manage campaigns independently, they will score proposals and are free to make their decision.

Alternatively, the unique Endorse ‘One Contract’ solution ensures every proposal is expertly scored by the Endorse team against campaign criteria.

Endorse are renowned for great communication and will provide precise feedback, always in close contact with both employer and agent to assist as and when required. Positive outcomes are shared and celebrated across the Endorse communication channels and useful case studies added to www.endorsejobs.com.

'Working with Endorse has been such a great pleasure and as seamless as can be. Matthew has been very hands-on throughout our partnership and has assisted Ikon every step of the way in receiving our accreditation as an NHS recruitment agency. Constant communication is key and I can always receive no less from Endorse. We are greatly looking forward to working with them further to build stronger connections in the UK and I would not hesitate to recommend Endorse to other hospitals.'

Paolo Martel, Managing Director, Ikon Solutions Asia


Endorse Bespoke Recruitment Services for the right results

1. International Recruitment Campaigns

Endorse are expert recruitment campaigns designers. Precise international recruitment campaigns in targeted locations dramatically reduce time to market and their efficiency save real money. There is no one better placed than Endorse to quickly find  ‘perfect fit’ recruitment partners and candidates amongst their global network.

2. Event Representation

Hospitals & Trusts save time and money when Endorse represent them at meetings and events all over the world. They can identify and attract overseas candidates and find the right international Agents.

4. Recorded Video Solutions

Efficient recorded interviews reduce the cost of travelling overseas to interview candidates. Video candidate interviews can be shared with a host of decision makers and colleagues to quickly and efficiently secure the perfect candidates.

5. Training and Education

Endorse are rightly proud of their 98% pass rate in Clinical Simulation Training. Their overseas partner universities and well selected range of courses offer a highly cost-effective approach to support education programmes and prepare staff for higher levels of success on deployment.

6. Best in Class Recruitment & Candidate Deployment Management

Endorse reduce inhouse recruitment costs but never compromise of quality by passing on economies of scale. Best in class end-to-end deployment services include; workforce planning, candidate tracking and progression, registrations and visas, travel and accommodation arrangements, and airport meet and greet. Everything to ensure candidates have a safe and enjoyable experience.
'I trained at Glasgow University, Scotland and met Matthew as he was recruiting for King's College Hospital, London. Because of the talk Matthew gave at Glasgow University I decided to start my nursing career at King’s College.

I always felt Matthew cared and listened, knowing how daunting it can be as a newly qualified nurse in a different country.
Yet another beautiful quality about being a nurse is a passport to work anywhere and with Matthew’s help I worked with an Australian agency for four years. When deciding to come back to the UK I re-contacted Matthew for recruitment support and within weeks had an interview at Addenbrooke's, Cambridge University Hospital, where I am now currently working. Matthew made the whole process of finding a job so much easier for me whilst being overseas and went above and beyond to ensure I was looked after by the team at CUH.'

Claire Reid Haematology Nurse Cambridge University Hospital


Endorse - the only international recruitment contact you need. Contact us now by email or visit our website and start searching for overseas agents.

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